Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dota 2 Booster Pack

Dota 2 Card Booster Pack

With the introduction of Steam trading cards to Dota 2, active players have started receiving Dota 2 booster packs that contain 3 Dota 2 Steam cards each. These tradable items and can be bought and sold in the Steam Community Market.

What are Dota 2 Booster Packs?
These are Steam Booster Packs that contain trading cards that are added to your Steam inventory upon activation. There is a small chance that the booster pack you open contains a rare foil version of the Dota 2 cards.

How do I get Dota 2 Booster Pack?
Booster packs are randomly dropped to active Dota 2 players as more badges are crafted by members of the community. You can also trade with other players or buy from the Steam community market.

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