Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dota 2 Tutorial

Dota 2 Training

Dota 2 is a game that demands a lot of hours for a player to play at a decent level via the Dota 2 Matchmaking system. To serve the growing number of players trying out Dota 2, Valve has released in-game tutorials aimed at players with zero real-time strategy experience.

New players are taught the Dota 2 basics via the Dota2 tutorial

These tutorials start with teaching basic character movement and Dota mechanics and go on to the Limited Hero mode where a new player can play with other humans as they learn the complex game of Dota 2 together.

To assist new players, the Neutral Creeps have made a Dota 2 guide  for the Dota 2 training maps.

Dota 2 Tutorial Map 1 Playthrough (Dragon Knight vs Razor):

Dota 2 Tutorial Map 2 Playthrough (Sniper vs Tidehunter):

Dota 2 Tutorial Map 3 Playthrough (Sniper vs Axe):

While the tutorials teach some basic knowledge about Dota, the best teacher for Dota 2 (outside of Mentors) is experience. Each game of Dota 2 always gives people something to learn about the game and there are always new things being discovered.

While the game is played at a competitive level, we recommend learning it at your own pace and to just enjoy the beautiful fantasy world of Dota 2.

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