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Valve Dota 2 Officially Revealed

Valve Dota Officially Revealed

In 2009, Icefrog announced that Valve would be entering the DotA Based Game genre with Icefrog at the helm.
Mid 2010 - Valve applies for the DotA, DotA 2 and DotA 3 trademark.
October 2010 - the Valve secret DotA project is unveiled by GameInformer.

Gameinformer article: Valve's New Game Announced, Detailed: Dota 2

You can view the full version of the DotA 2 article by Gameinformer.
*That is the mirror link for those who cannot access

For the quick summary of the long Dota article, read on below.

Quick Summary of the Gameinformer DotA 2 Article:

1st Part introduces DotA to the mainstream audience.
- Valve confirms the DotA 2 rumors and speculations.
- DotA is a Warcraft 3 custom map currently being maintained by Icefrog.
- The DotA based games genre is explored: LoL and HoN are mentioned.
- Dota 2 is the game title of the stand-alone version of DotA by Valve.
DotA 2 will be the entry of Valve to the booming DotA based game genre.

2nd Part explains what Valve Corporation can bring to the DotA based game genre.
- DotA 2's Gameplay will be the same as the original DotA All-Stars mod.
- Erik Johnson praises Icefrog as one of the smartest game designers he has ever met.
- The DotA 2 map will be the same as the Wc3 version.
- Source will be the game engine for Dota 2.
- Steamworks will be upgraded for Dota 2
- All 100+ Heroes will be available to play at once.
- The DotA community will play an important part in suggesting stuff.
- AI bots can take over for players who disconnect.
- Custom voice work introduced.
- Coaching system and interactive guides.
Basically, Dota 2 will be DotA vanilla but with better features.

3rd Part talks about riding the DotA 2 Skill curve.
- The average DotA game duration is mentioned.
- It mentions that the DotA community is hostile to beginners.
- Skill based Matchmaking will be in place.
- Interactive guides will help new players.
- Prominent Dota 2 Guide makers will have their work tied in-game.
- Dota 2 veterans can use the coaching system to teach noobs.
- Private voice and chat channels will be available. (take that BattleNet!)
- Achievements
- Gabe Newell says practically the same thing as Johnson regarding Icefrog.
- DotA 2 will be available on PC and Mac.
Valve will be aiming to foster community spirit.
Editor Notes: Granted, this is one of the hardest things to accomplish since the DotA community has a terrible reputation.

That was the summary for the Introduction of DotA 2 to the world.

One thing going for the Valve DotA Based Game is it's lead developer. Since Icefrog is credited for bringing DotA to it's peak, a lot of DotA players will be following Icefrog and the Valve DotA project. Expectations are quite high since both Icefrog and Valve have generally good reputations when it comes to their craft.

Editor notes: Dota 2 is currently marked by long-time DotA veterans as the only worthy successor to DotA so far. Find out more what Dota 2 is all about.

This is Bloodseeker in DotA 2.
You can now download the DotA 2 hero wallpapers.

About the DotA Genre
When Icefrog took over the reigns of DotA All-Stars from Guinsoo, Icefrog had to rebuild the map from scratch. Through the new developer's persistence and hardwork, DotA exploded to become one of the most played Warcraft mods in the world. It became so popular that a genre was aptly named after it. Combining the spirit of RTS and RPG into one genre came forth a new one - the DotA Based Game genre.

Dota 2 Editor notes: This is actually not the 1st genre to be named after a game. The sub-genre "Rougelike" is named after Rogue, a game released back in the 1980s.

About Valve
Valve is the company behind award-winning titles like Counter-Strike and Portal.

Dota 2 Editor notes: This will not be the first time that Valve will be turning a mod into a full-fledged game. The popular Counter-Strike actually started as a mod.

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  1. I find it funny how they mention HoN, but there's no mention of League of Legends (LoL). LoL was the only MOBA-type game being played at the WCG and is a multiple award winner while HoN has won nothing and is not being played competitively on a "pro" level.

  2. I think LoL was in the WCG as a promotional game not as an actual competition. If you look at Dota 2 and HoN, they have much more in common than LoL does.

  3. HoN has a pro circuit with multiple tournaments run every month, with thousands of dollars on the line. HoN is even played at Dreamhack, Sweden's largest LAN convention, and has a consistent 30,000 players on at any time of the day.

    So "LoL" at you, sir.

  4. LoL was more than a promo game at WCG. It gave out more than $10k in prizes to the top 3 teams and had more than 20k viewers online to watch the semi- and championship finals.

    And if HoN is such a good, competitive game, where are its awards and accolades? Where are the tournaments that people actually care about or pay attention to?

    30k people online per day huh? That's it?
    LoL has servers in N.America, EU, South East Asia and China. Each of those has more than 30k people online per day.

    HoN is a more expensive, yet less popular, less polished and all around crappier game than LoL.

    1. LoL is in no way shape or form more polished. Have you seen the retards on the internet? Sure LoL has more viewers, albeit more retard friendly. The vast majority of the internet doesn't realize that there are more than 5 items a carry can build, and that the game isn't 90% dependant on ranged AD for dota, and can't comprehend more than 10 things in their head.

  5. lol is a pay to pawn game.
    it can never be a competitive game

    lol has more than 10k players? oh really?
    where do you get such statistics?
    as far as i know, riot has not released such statement

    HoN has more concurrent players as far as i know
    lol can only dream of it

  6. Hold on, you can't slag someone for not providing a stats source and then go and claim stats of your own without providing a source. Where did you get your numbers?
    How about this...

    And didn't Garena do a big LoL event for the WCG?

    And no one has even tried to address the number of awards LoL has won while HoN hasn't won anything. Is that because HoN is a boring rip off of an existing game?

    Face it, HoN is a shiny knockoff of DotA while LoL takes DotA and advances the genre a step or two further. And you have to pay for HoN. LoL is free.

    LoL wins. Always has. Always will. The awards, accolades and top-of-the-line tournaments all favor LoL. 'Nuff said.

  7. havent played lol, never will.

    if you were any good at dota, you would have said the same newb

  8. Lol sucks
    heck even a 10 year old game engine (warcraft 3) blows it out of the water

    Dota 2 > HoN > Dota > Hello Kitty Online > Lol

  9. I play both LoL and HoN. Both are fun games. LoL seems to cater more to casuals; HoN seems to be directed at hardcore gamers. The stats tracking system and great competitive scene (see: seems to prove this.

    As far as LoL's business model goes... Free? Hardly. I mean, it's nice that you can try out those heroes and if you play long enough purchase heroes with earned play money, but it's quite a lot of points to unlock all heroes. Most people end up buying some with real $ at some point. With HoN, you play a $30 flat fee and get ALL heroes, as well as any future heroes as they come out. That is a much preferable business model.

    Not too sure what will happen to these games when DotA 2 comes out. Only time will tell. Who knows, DotA2 might even disappoint. Maybe the engine won't be as smooth as HoN or the matching system will be terrible. Anything's possible.

  10. The stupidness in these posts >.<
    How is it so hard to understand that a free game gets more plays than a game that costs?
    Rofl @ HoN not winning any awards. So what? Do you base the game you want to play with how many awards it gets? I bet you are playing fucking MW2 just because it won so many awards. Face it, LoL will never be played in a comp level like hon is. Character imbalances are so omnipresent i dont even know where to start..

  11. Gosugamers Hon World cup

    $40,000 prize pool

    Take a seat you lol fanboys

  12. I've won 3 HoN tournaments for a total of 12k.. I've one 1 LoL tournament and received around 10k. I have at least two more LoL tournaments coming up which could easily put me over 25k+

    I go with the highest bidder.. end of story.

  13. Scrub ass hon players, LoL has a $100,000 tournament next year. Anything you got even close to that?

  14. IceFrog is back! And working with Valve? A match made in heaven, this is going to be awesome!!

  15. It's a little ludicrous to consider LoL as a competitive game when it doesn't even have observer mode or replays. The competitive scene in HoN is so much bigger than LoL - why don't you check out to see VODs of the daily competitive matches that are played. At any one time, there are usually 4-5 HoN tournaments running. LoL has 1 tourney at WCG, which is mainly for advertising, and claims to be competitive based on that.

    As for the awards LoL has won, they were all based on player votes. Riot bribed the community by offering free heroes if they won the awards so I wouldn't read much into them. Plus LoL was competiting with Farmville?!?! LoL is lol.

  16. I've play/played both LOL and HON. After realizing you can't deny in LOL.... no more.

  17. LoL fanboys saying HoN hasn't won anything... you might want to check that first?

    Because you obviously don't follow both games, or you'd know.

  18. My dad is better than your -oh wait...

  19. DotA 2 is going to be so awesome.
    I can't wait to be in the Dota 2 beta! :)

    Where's my Pandamonium / Mangix - the Panda?

    Valve better make him cute.

  20. hey valve u know how dota is free...ya u know what im saying

  21. Clearly the HoN vs. LoL argument will not be settled here. Take your fanboy rage elsewhere, preferably the forums of your own game so you can rant about how the big mean people laughed at you. As it stands, DotA is still clearly the premiere RTS-RPG, and will most likely continue to stay that way until DotA 2 is released. That being said, Bloodline Champions is another contender for the title, and DotA 2, HoN, and LoL clearly have their work cut out for them.

  22. dota is still the best

    without dota, there would be no dota based games like hon and lol

    dota2 is gonna be legendary. i just know it

    imaginary trailer:
    From the real creators of dota
    comes forth dota 2!

  23. Why don't you little HoN and LoL knock offs shut up about your pitiful games. Dota/Dota2> LoL/HoN/Future Dota knockoffs. ALWAYS.


    Once Dota2 comes out, neither LoL or HoN will be talked about.

  24. Only ONE of the awards that LoL got was based on player votes. All the others were not able to be voted on. Please do some research before you pretend to know what you are talking about.


  25. And dota 2 won't be as big as you fanboys think it will be...but keep hoping!

  26. don't think Dota 2 will be such a big hit for the gamer i suggest continue to make maps for Dota Mr.Erik Johnson and for me Dota 2 suckS!!! sorry if i had to say that but that's what i feel right now im so disappointed :(

    Im Pknrz.^Gosho

    from the Philippines

  27. cmon... people.. lets give dota 2 a chance....

    gameplay never change....

    but... if dota 2 do something idiotic things, like
    HON.. sorry... you know what i mean...
    dota 2 will never be great as the first DOTA...

    That is all!!

  28. HoN was a good dota based game.
    demi-god had online problems
    LoL simply was a bad game.

    dota 2 will be the biggest game during the year it is released.

    t-up valve and icefrog!

  29. When is the Dota 2 release date?
    I want to play the dota 2 demo. :)

  30. I played dota a bit, but I haven't played LoL, and I've purchased HoN and play it quite often. I should be excited for Dota 2, but for some reason, part of me will feel sad if HoN completely dies off because everyone wants to play the game that started it all. HoN's got some great memories for me.


  31. to teh dota is best els there would be no hon or lol etc

    if there was no tetris(if this was teh first game atleastits close.) then there was no dota. then there was nothing.

  32. ^ haha. nice analogy there, anonymous dude. :)

  33. LoL is a rediculously easy game, maybe thats why everyone plays it because it is full of noobs. Think about that. Just because one game has more players, it doesn't mean it is better at all. HoN has a much bigger learning curve than LoL.

  34. "The DOTA community has terrible reputation" Instead of fighting about HoN vs LoL you'd better think about what that means and start thinking of how to fix it.

    All this flaming through anonymous posts emphasises that same fact.

    I suggest you next time you write in game or in a blog/forum whatever, to think about your behaviour and your attitude towards others.

    I am not an angel either but I am trying to improve. This video has helped me a lot. Check it out, especially after 14:00 that talks about the attitude of video gamers.

  35. DotA 2 > DotA > HoN & LoL

    the only thing that this kind of game got famous is all thanks to icefrog. he's the genius,
    Hon n LoL may have better features..
    but never most important key in this kind of game. BALANCE!. Thumbs up icefroggy

  36. all who say hon is not on pro lvl get ur facts right go to an stfu . and they say lol is played in all countrys well hon is too. lol is way les competitiv values than hon . now to the fun part both games realy suck i only play hon cause of the graphic ,the ports are crappy and useless, they w8 1-3 months to make a new heroe and then it is simply just a port wtf at least lol comes up with new heroes in a way u dont get bored i have played over 900 hon games and u allways see the same heroes over and over and over, dota honestly never got borring and u saw heroes all the sudden u havent seen fore a week get played , and btw PPL DONT CARE IF A 1 EYED MONKEY MADE THE GAME AS LONG AS IT ROCKS! sry fore my baad english but thats the way it is!

  37. Ya. I stop playing DotA becuz of the w3 Engine.
    Noob host and stupid teamate. Plus, in Dota, you dont have to think much about:-
    -armor and magic resistance,
    -skill timing,
    -rune control,
    -wards placing,
    -skill rotation,
    -combo skill with other hero, hiding place, level 1 hero kill like in HoN and LoL (if you do this on Dota, I salute you). Hope in Dota 2. There be much more of this, and please have the reconnect system :)

    Those who just nerd-rage over a post of a new game. Well.. good luck having a life...
    good luck to IceFrog. Wise man and Thanks.

  38. well, actutually.., level 1 hero kill is possible in dota..,;
    armor and magic resistance,
    -skill timing,
    -rune control,
    -wards placing,
    -skill rotation,
    -combo skill with other hero.. these are also done in dota.., maybe you just don't know how to.. newbie...

  39. maybe he plays pub games on garena "europe dota room 75010", go dota gigh room or darkorbit or play a cw, youll get your ass whiped, and bealive me i know ALOT about armor and magic ressistance and i bet your just newbie and cant calculate dota resistances, beganovicc thumbs up!

  40. Dota 2 > HoN > Dota > Hello Kitty Online > Lol
    To all those who said LOL is so "GREAT" of a game, I PITY YOU.
    What a SHAME. you saying that LOL is competitive?
    don't think so.. How can a game be competitive in terms of skills if guinsoo made it easier, huh? No denying? denying is a skill one must be good at, Lower cooldowns and bigger manapools? WTF. This game was made for NOOBS who can't win at DotA games or HON. I'm a loyal DotA player at heart and I don't really like HON that much but LOL>HON? I don't think so.. HON might be a copycat but HON is far more superior than kiddie game "LOL".. DotA is the best and will always be..
    Looking forward to Dota 2.

  41. you're pointing at yourself, dude.

  42. WHERES THE RECONNECT FUNCTION !!! ppl tends to get disconnected accidentally, why the heck they dont implement such great function

  43. Who cares about reconnecting, if someone leaves then just pick up the slack and extra farming gold! It just means more exp. for you

  44. team work is one of the greatest tactics, fken cant win by urself



  46. Hon and LoL are copycat... dota = dota 2...

  47. 4 me icefrog is the best creator of DOTA i can w8 2 have Dota2

  48. I do not see why people like to argue which on is better HoN or LoL when the true game is none of them, both a great but it still come down to the individual players preferences. The only thing people manage to achieve here is empty arguements against each other which make the rest of all DotA, LoL, HoN and so on community look like a bunch of ****heads...

  49. - All 100+ Heroes will be available to play at once.
    this sucks hard cause game will be totally imbalance
    im sure that ill continue playing HoN cause in this game the only thing that talk is team play but in dota only carries talk
    in HoN if a carry from opposite team even have 20 mins free farm u can really handle him by good team play but in dota thats impossible
    who agree with me ?

  50. I hope it won't be priced or be too pricey. :\

  51. HoN > DotA > LoL

    If there wasn't any Aeon Of Strife there wouldn't be any DotA. DotA is not the only AoS-like map either. Age og Myths, Tides Of Blood, Hand of Sorrow Knight and several more I don't remember the name of are also AoS.

  52. asd man u don'r know dota and don't know lol or have masteries and rune to make your char different to other and unic u play same hero in different style u can this in hon? hon=same item same hero all the fuking game,and same is 4 dota, lol is mutch tattics then hon..

  53. League of legends isn't a dota port. It's similar but there are huge differences. Hon is basically a dota port with a few small additions.

    The biggest example of this is that you can't deny creeps in lol. Denying is a huge part of dota/hon and it shapes every game.

    I'm not going to comment on which game is better but I will say that the lol is popular largely because it is free.

  54. DotA>LoL>HoN

    I like all three and im not gonna put down HoN, because they are all good games,but if i wanted to play the same game as DotA i would play DotA.

    I actually see the no creep denying in LoL as harder, because you have to gold and xp deny through zoning alot more. Plus LoL has a great rune and mastery system, and personally i like not having all the champs. If I had them all i probably would have lost interest by now.

  55. i have played dota ~ and den hon and den lol
    those who disgrace and flame LOL either havent played lol or are just some newbies!!

    LOL is different from dota ~ the only thing in common is that they are moba games ~ but hon is a complete rip off of dota ~ while i still like hon .
    ill have to make sure that every one knows this~

    "if u havent tried LOL and speak about it ~ den go fk urself!!!!"

    no offense but riot games provide a free game while hon is a " pay to play" and LOL gets updates almost every week !!and has unique differences from dota !! and is more fun to play with extra skills and passives and stuffs

    DOTA became bad when i saw HON and when i first tried LOL my graphics settings wer set to " low " amd i thght " EWWWWW WHAT THE S*** IS THIS GAME?!!!" but later wen i started to explore the game and set graphics to " very high" and played for a few days it is quite addictive!!

  56. LoL not competitive!1!11!1 You realize most of the people complaining about this will NEVER enter into a tournament? lol Observer mode, replays, new maps, new champions, new summoner abilities, new game mods... All these things are coming to LoL, however slowly.

    HoN is HoN and will never evolve beyond being a DotA clone on crack.

  57. It's kinda funny how people are getting so worked up about this. Here's an idea:
    If you like HON... then have fun playing HON.
    If you like LOL... then have fun playing LOL.

    It's stupid to compare them. Not all people have to like the same game.

  58. When i switched from dota to LoL it was crap.....U can't deny and easy finish off on creeps.I was thinking that it was a low skill game,but after playing for longer i noticed that deny would totaly destroy the game.There are other ways to "deny",like in laning faze you and your line m8 stay behind their creeps and push your enemys away from the exp range..if u play it well they will miss 4/6 creep wawes witch gives u a big advantage(works only if u both are stronger).That way they will leek gold and exp or give you kills.Seems unbalanced?Well call ur ally on mid to help(easy with 2 bonus spells that u can chose on lol).I think theres more tacticks and gameplay where u have to trick ur opponents to win.On dota the starting faze when some1 gets feed on line decides the game..if u are feed on the start u will be feed at the end.On LoL u can see that every 4th game gets a big turn around witch makes it more fun.

  59. HoN contains far better competitive players than LoL. Many competitive, professional players that were well know from DotA transferred to HoN.

  60. eh hon was a huge disappointment sell out game

  61. the only drawback i have ever seen with lol is the incredible ability to snowball other than that it is more balanced ,cheaper (its free), and is just overall a better game.

    let the butthurt commence

  62. Tetris best game in the world

  63. wow rly this is so sad :)) ppl trash talking .... about wich is best .... srsly in my opinion HoN all the way !!
    Fyi i played DoTA as its original name... about 3-4 years... i played at a semi-pro level,, but srsly i had to search for a game or a cw with good players all day ... all noobs think their pro and say they do things like in hon ( u know like lvl 1 first blood , runes , cour , proper lanes with combo picks , counters .... etc) i know they are possible in DoTA too but .. players just don;t care or don't know... srsly i think know this after playing at least 3-4 years of DoTA. + most ppl don;t know that most of the DoTA best teams switch to HoN now .. so .. Lol is Shi*t .. nothing to say about it.. don't know what to expect from DoTA 2 ,,, i would be happy if it would turn out great but i doubt it ... aa forgot ... some1 was saying that all DoTA heroes are "BALLANCED" .. rly guys ? wtf are u talking about :)) i could name u minimum 20 DoTA op heroes ... with nooby skills .. 1 button 1 kill .. another button u get away ... i could talk about this all day but i think u get my drift.
    Good luck DoTA 2 , LoL ... just :|... keep it going HoN
    Cheers !!

  64. Lol is based from DotA but it is very different. HoN is nearer to Dota than LoL.
    That's why they mentioned HoN.

  65. SOOOO many people saying HoN has no competitive scene and LoL has a HUGE competitive scene. Get your facts straight, its the complete opposite, GRATS if you like LoL more than HoN all the power to you continue playing but don't spread lies about both games to justify playing one over the other. HoN runs multiple tournaments MONTHLY if not WEEKLY, all these tournaments are recorded with broadcasters on the internet with a website dedicated to the competitive scene of this game. All of you LoL fangirls can talk sh** but the truth is Dota = HoN and that is the superior competitive scene, f**king kidding HoN WAS AT DREAMHACK that alone makes it a FACT that HoN > LoL when it comes to the competitive part of the game.

  66. Lets be honest, once dota 2 is out everyone is gonna be on the same side again. GGWIN


  68. HoN will SURPASS (LoL,DotA,DotA2)

    IT will!!

  69. for eveyrbody above:

    DotA is the grandfather of the below mentioned. 'nuff said.

    LoL is based on the simplest concept of DotA, 2 teams, 3lanes and 5 heroes per team.

    HoN is a flat ripoff of DotA with less heroes (seriously very little compared to DotA), better announcer and a better graphic and game engine.

    you ask me, i say i like DotA more than either LoL and HoN for it sparked the creation of both.
    you ask me which is better among Lol and HoN, i say LoL because HoN just returns the same experience you can get from DotA in a neater exterior package.

  70. edit to above: everybody, not eveyrbody.

  71. I just hate the HoN developers, the heroes look shitty and the particle effects are too distracting/not what they should be. Plus the HoN community is absolutely terrible.

    LoL has a lower skill cap on most heroes making it easier to play for beginners but introduces features that create a competitive atmosphere at the higher ELO bracket. Seriously, come make it to the 1800 ELO and tell me LoL isn't competitive. You can't deny, sure, but there's brush aswell as fog of war, the fights start sooner and it's harder for one player to avoid everybody for 30 minutes and then show up and carry to a victory. LoL stresses team play over carrying, it's very difficult to win a 4v5 in the higher brackets.

    I played HoN for awhile but the shitty community, crappy clones, and distracting effects turned my stomach. I play LoL because it's the best alternative in the battle arena genre. Dota 2 will put HoN out of business, LoL will survive because it has unique qualities and is friendlier to new players.

  72. S2 doesn't care if HoN is put out of business. You have no idea what you're talking about when you say that HoN has no competitive scene and a shitty community. Go check out some things like Honcast or Gamereplays. These players are carrying the HoN community. LoL is the baby to HoN. Don't be a little bitch and pay the $30 for the better game. You can't deny in LoL. That makes a HUGE difference. There are replays and spectator modes in HoN. LoL will only survive because it is free and pointless to play. It's like playing Runescape instead of WoW. WoW is clearly better, but people are cheap as hell. Buck up and stop being a douche. Pay the money, and get a better game. HoN is better. You obviously don't have a high PSR because you think that the community is shitty in HoN. It just isn't as known as LoL. Get over it. Stay on LoL so that no one has to deal with your bitching on HoN because we don't want you there. Trust me.

  73. If you ever knew anything about these games, you'd know that WCG is shit. It's the CFL of Football. WCG is a joke, and the low to mid level players watch WCG because they don't know anything about the community.

  74. Wow, that was a great story. You must like be some amazing player or something (anonymous poster 2 posts up) to want to manipulate someone to buy HoN and say "how bad LoL is" and then say "don't get it we don't want you because HoN is better"...

    LOL this world is falling apart with the kids these days and to think its our future generation. If everything wasn't so complicated like it is now. Everyone has an internet ego to live up to.

    Play what you want to play folks. LoL is easier to learn and pick up and play completely free (unable to get skins and champions unless a lot of time is invested) if you like a game for that. HoN is flat $30 (but also has a custom shop like LoL) with very competitive play with awesome graphics and you don't have to buy champions/heroes.

  75. LoL is totally unaffected by Dota 2. Gameplay is totally different. So HoN can count the remaining days left.

  76. hon and lol both have strong points but lol's community is just bigger... way bigger... and why not? its free? people will always stay with the game that has more popularity... its just how the world works... HON needs more advertisement or there days will dwindle to one of those free download games and then sooner or later offline, while LOL is on the front page of youtube every couple weeks

  77. Hey HoN players, Do you know how to Jungle?
    Oops, I forgot HoN cannot jungle.

  78. HoN at dreamhack you say?
    LoL is in dreamhack now aswell, 100k dollars on the line, suck on that

  79. 'Hey HoN players, Do you know whow to Jungle?
    Oops, I Forgot HoN cannot jungle.'

    Please, please, stop commenting. Stop doing anything. Seriously, you so stupid its hurts me to know you exist.

  80. I rekon the ideas of Dota 2 is up to the Dota team. So the heroes should be the same as from last Dota. KEEP IT ORIGINAL.

  81. DOTA is the first Concept that Was Released All the other games LOL,HON are just mere copies of the REAL thing!! Anybody Opposes SHALL be pwned!!

  82. Everyone knows that LOL has its problems and so do HoN. So Dota 2 will take over most of the players of both games. Everyone is exited for Dota 2.

  83. yo why you all gotta be up at each others necks about which is better. Both games are good and if u think the other game sucks then keep it to yourself. Also don't get ur hopes too high about dota 2 ... yes it will make a nice addition to the whole dota type gaming but not a giant impact that causes a major population from one game move to dota 2. just saying dont hate. Peace out

  84. The best game is DOTA and will remain DOTA

  85. I'm here to say one thing: LoL has a better community, and is more friendly to new players, just THE one fact that made me play that over HoN, as HoN just does not have a newbie friendly enviroment at all. And the flames of the community is a lot greater than in LoL.

  86. LoL, HoN, DotA, DotA 2... All the same genre.

    But anyway, fanboys are so funny. It's like comparing the iOS to Android. HoN is a pay to play, LoL is free. Of course LoL will have a bigger community. Face it, both games attract many different players, some even play it both. Both are competitive, in a different way.

    DotA 2 (or just DotA, as they're gonna call it due to copyrights by S2 or RiotGames) may be pay to play, may be free. May be supported here in South East Asia by Garena. But it's no use comparing these games. If you like it, then fine! If you don't like it, don't play it. You don't gain much. -___-

    I'm very excited for DotA 2. It's gonna be interesting to find out what they have in store for MOBA players, and especially comparing it to the original DotA, and the current major MOBA games, HoN and LoL.

  87. For all you dumbasses saying HoN and LoL are ripoffs of DotA. Brush up on your research before making such a statement. The rights for DotA is for the community(Technically RiotGames). Just because some people decided to use it as a seed to grow something bigger doesn't mean you should be hatin'.

  88. Both LoL and Hon suffer same problem.. imbalance
    While both game tend to be fun to play, LoL is basically OP vs OP shit, and same thing is with HoN and all of it's newly released heroes after copy/paste from original dota.
    Since IceFrog is the one who made Dota balanced and competitive (remember 6.48b anyone), he should be able to make a good game with Valve.
    Heck, I wouldn't mind new Dota2 to be copy paste of today's dota but with better graphics/ new maps/ reconnect tool... but they won't attract much people if they don't make it free.
    Dota si still free2play and making Dota2 f2p would be punch in a nose for both HoN/LoL
    since LoL is semi-free

  89. DotA: maintained by Icefrog
    LoL: maintained by Guinsoo
    HoN: copies everything from DotA and screws it up

    DotA doesn't have much of an international competitive scene anymore. As for LoL and HoN:

    - LoL has a much larger player base than HoN as of right now.
    - LoL is a game based on the DotA genre, but with entirely original designs; while HoN is basically just a copy of DotA with changed names, improved graphics and added imbalanced stuff here and there.
    - LoL is present at WCG, MLG, IEM, Dreamhack, pretty much all of the biggest names in e-sports right now. HoN, just Dreamhack?
    - In terms of resources for development, Riot(who made LoL) was acquired by Tencent a while ago, the biggest Internet Media company in China. S2(who made HoN) is on its own and had to recently make the game free in an attempt to pull in more players.

    But all that is not going to matter once DotA 2 comes out.

  90. just wait when dota2 will ba f2p

  91. na i dont think dota2 will be f2p... the original dota is never f2p.. you have to buy the original warcraft 3 and expansion just to play dota..yeah i know warcraft 3 can be pirated or downloaded whatever. but that doesnt mean its can download the map for free.. but your playing it illegally. icefrog and valve worked at this title for a year and they will make it f2p? to think that they will promote it in a tournament with all the best teams in the world and the winner will recieve a million dollars? and they will make dota2 free? give me a break.. dota2 doesnt need that big advertisement.. the name "dota2" is a promotion itself..if it's f2p you will bankrupt valve.. icefrog will gain more fans but less green. and a happy community.
    i think valve will use steam in order to play dota2 not garena.
    the reason why this blog didn't mentioned lol is because icefrog gave the rights to hon to copy/paste heroes/items.i think icefrog planned this all along. hon is an experiment for dota2. what i mean is he used hon first to know if dota2 will be better at good graphics or not.
    well never know..
    and yeah 2nd thing is icefrog and guinsoo does not like each other..

  92. DOTA IS THE ROOT OF THE GAMES (LoL. HoN. and other dota based games)




  93. "DOTA IS THE ROOT OF THE GAMES (LoL. HoN. and other dota based games)"

    DotA is based on Aeon of Strife, know your facts.

  94. "This will not be the first time that Valve will be turning a mod into a full-fledged game. The popular Counter-Strike actually started as a mod."

    This sentence is wrong. Dota wasn't a "Mod(ification) it was just a Map. Also CS was a Mod on a Valve Game. So this is something new!

  95. until dota 2 will be played by all players in the world who like this kind of games,HoN is the best i w8 dota 2 i mean to buy the game duno just to realese him i sick of w8 ing beta drw key or something,gl.

  96. >This sentence is wrong. Dota wasn't a "Mod(ification) it was just a Map

    By DotA being a mod means a modified map for warcraft III.
    So that makes DotA a mod too. My god.

  97. Its wonderful to necro-revive this thread. I loved reading the first so many comments on HON, DOTA and LOL. By now (2015) there's a clear winner (LOL) and a reasonable alternative (DOTA2) albeit played by a way lower playerbase. LOL developed, DOTA2 stood still, rest is out.


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