Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dota 2 Limited Heroes

Limited Heroes mode - Dota 2

As thousands of League of Legends players discover Dota 2 and start switching, Valve has implemented the Limited Heroes mode that will be used for the Dota 2 tutorial.

This mode is for players who are just starting out in Dota 2 and don't want to learn over 100 heroes just yet. A player can select to play one out of 20 heroes that are beginner friendly.

Dota 2 Heroes in Limited Heroes mode:

Bounty Hunter (Melee Agility)
Death Prophet (Ranged Intelligence)
Dragon Knight (Melee Strength)
Drow Ranger (Ranged Agility)
Juggernaut (Melee Agility)
Lich (Ranged Intelligence)
Lion (Ranged Intelligence)
Omniknight (Melee Strength)
Razor (Ranged Agility)
Sand King (Melee Strength)
Skeleton King (Melee Strength)
Sniper (Ranged Agility)
Sven (Melee Strength)
Tidehunter (Melee Strength)
Vengeful Spirit (Ranged Agility)
Viper (Ranged Agility)
Warlock (Ranged Intelligence)
Windrunner (Ranged Intelligence)
Witch Doctor (Ranged Intelligence)
Zeus (Ranged Intelligence)

Players who finish 10 matches of Limited Heroes get a free Sniper weapon.

Gunslinger's Rifle from the Gunslinger set (Sniper)


  1. i wan noe how to close dota 2 limited match

    1. select game type from play menu , beside the region selection. all pick is the common choice


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