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Dota 2 Omniknight Guide

Omniknight - Dota 2 Guide
This is a Dota 2 hero guide for Omniknight.

Dota 2 name: Omniknight
DotA name: Purist Thunderwrath - Omniknight
HoN Counterpart: Jereziah
Affiliation: The Radiant
Primary Attribute: Strength

Dota 2 Omniknight
"Fear nothing"

Dota 2 Lore - Omniknight:
Purist Thunderwrath was a hard-fighting, road-worn, deeply committed knight, sworn to the order in which he had grown up serving as a boy to elder knights of great reputation: He had spent his entire life in the service of the Omniscience, the All Seeing One. Theirs was a holy struggle, and so embedded was in service that he never questioned it, so long as he had the strength to fight, and the impetuous valor that came with youth. But over the long years of the crusade, as his elders passed away and were buried in sorry graves at the side of muddy tracks, as his bond-brothers fell in battle to uncouth, vicious creatures that refused to bow to the Omniscience, as his own squires were chewed away by ambush and plague and bad water, he began to question the meaning of his vows--the meaning of the whole crusade. He parted ways with the army, and commenced a long slog back to Emauscus, the cliff-built city with its Temple of Caves, and there he laid down a challenge to the priests of the Omniscience. No knight had ever questioned them before, and they tried to throw him into the pit of sacrifice, but Purist would not be moved, and all their number and magic were useless against him. For as he stood them down, he began to glow with a holy light, and they realized that the Omniscience had chosen to reveal itself to him. They stood aside, and the elder hierophant opened the way into the central cavern, the holy of holies, where waited not some abstract concept of wisdom and insight, not some carved relic requiring an injection of imagination to believe in, but the actual ancient one that had not merely dwelt in those rocks for billions of aeons, but had actually created the rock around itself, as an encrusted protective covering against the numerous terrors of space. The All Seeing One claimed in this way to have created the world, and with all it conveyed to the knight in their encounter, he had no reason to doubt it. Perhaps it was a trickster, deep in that dark pocket of rock, and not the world's creator at all, but he never again questioned his faith. His campaign had meaning now. And there can be no question that the glorious powers that imbue him, and give his companions such strength in battle, are real beyond any doubt.

Dota 2 Omiknight Skills Guide

Omniknight Skill 1: Purification (Q)
Omniknight instantly heals a friendly unit and damages all nearby enemy units.

Omniknight Skill 2: Repel (W)
Omniknight creates a powerful divine ward that blocks most magic from affecting a target unit.

Omniknight Skill 3: Degen Aura (E)
Omniknight reduces the movement and attack speed of units around the area.

Omniknight Skill 4: Guardian Angel (R)
Omniknight grants all nearby friendly units near physical invulnerability and increases health regeneration greatly.

Dota 2 Omniknight Strategy Guide

Omniknight Skill Build
1 - Purification
2 - Repel
3 - Purification
4 - Degen Aura
5 - Purification
6 - Guardian Angel
7 - Purification
8 - Repel
9 - Repel
10 - Repel
11 - Guardian Angel
12 - Degen Aura
13 - Degen Aura
14 - Degen Aura
15 - Stats
16 - Guardian Angel
17 to 25 - Stats

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