Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dota 2 Steam Trading Cards

Dota 2 Cards - Steam

Dota Steam trading cards are virtual cards that are earned by spending money on the Dota 2 store. Once a set has been completed (8 Dota 2 cards), you can craft them into a Dota 2 badge.

How to earn Dota 2 cards by buying:
For every 9 USD spent since the start of the Steam Trading Card system, you will earn one card drop.

There are also rare foil versions of each of the 8 cards.

8 different Dota 2 cards (Series 1): 
- Bounty Hunter
- Phantom Lancer
- Razor
- Riki
- Tidehunter
- Tiny
- Tusk
- Vengeful Spirit

What benefits do I get for crafting a badge for Dota 2? 
You can get any of the following:
- a random Dota 2 emoticon item that can be used in chat or discussions
- a random Dota 2 Steam profile background item
- a chance to get a discount coupon for a different game or DLC
- 100 XP to your Steam level progression


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