Monday, October 25, 2010

Tianyijue - Chinese DotA Based Game

Tianyijue - Chinese DotA developers enter the Dota genre wars

Beijing, China - Chinese game developers have acknowledged the immensity of the Dota genre playerbase. And as a reaction to the prior announcements of Heroes of Newerth, Dota 2 and Blizzard DOTA, Tianyijue has released an Official Game trailer for their Chinese Dota based game.

Official Description of Tianyijue:
Game Name: Tianyijue
Genre: Dota genre
Country of Origin: China

Official Game Trailer of Tianyijue DOTA:

Tianyijue Dota screenshots are now available.

Useful Links:
Tianyijue - English Blog
Tianyijue Youtube Video Trailer (High Definition)

If an English version was released, do you think Tianyijue has a place in the foreign market?
Or will it be crushed by it's more renowned American counterparts?


  1. This is getting out of hand! hahaha
    Who's next?

  2. My, the graphics look even better than LoL's.
    Chinese = imba.

  3. Oh...

    so now it's

    Dota 2 > Blizzard Dota > Heroes of Newerth > Chinese Dota > Dota > Hello Kitty Online > League of Legends

    Can't wait for EA to announce their own Dota game!

  4. Seems like a nice game, I'll play the one with the best competitive community though.

  5. I'd play this if there was an English version.

  6. League of Legends is a good game.

  7. League of Legends is a good game.

    --if you compare it to Elf Bowling 2

    but if you compare it to other games in the Dota genre, it's not so good.

  8. League of Legends is currently the most played game in North America outside of Starcraft 2 so STFU...

  9. Hi LoL fan boy.
    Stop citing made up stats if you can't back it up.

    Just my 2 cents.

  10. Imitation is a sincere form of flattery.

    This game is like a pure copy of LoL

  11. LoL is complete garbage rofl. This Chinese game looks slightly better graphically than DotA but 5x better than LoL.

  12. my gameboy colour games look better than LoL..

  13. After playing DotA for almost 3 years you have a mental handicap, probably autism if you still think DotA is better than LoL. Granted LoL is quite a bit different from DotA and HoN is just a pure copy of DotA with better graphics/engine. I've played all 3 for a considerable amount of time and if you're so closed minded to play games of the genre based on "appearance" you should probably reconsider playing a "strategy" based game.


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