Monday, September 21, 2009

Heroes of Newerth - DotA Evolves

Heroes of Newerth - DotA Evolves

Heroes of Newerth is an online DotA Based Game. With Icefrog's blessings to recreate the popular Warcraft 3 mod on a next generation engine, S2 games has created a DotA with better graphics and with more features. This DBG has extensive stat tracking, game reconnection (if you disconnect, you can reconnect to the game), leaver protection and better than Garena connection (lag is rare even if Europeans play against Asians)

Heroes of Newerth sets the pace in the Dota genre with a big competitive potential. In fact, lots of pro DotA teams have made HON team divisions.

It's like... Heroes of Newerth is the neo-DotA!

Get more information about this genre-leading DBG, visit the following:

Official HON Website:
Heroes of Newerth Facebook:
HON Blog:
Heroes of Newerth Twitter:

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