Monday, December 13, 2010

Play Heroes of Newerth for Free

Kalamazoo, Michigan - Heroes of Newerth, an online multiplayer game in the emerging Dota genre is offering trial accounts. HoN Trial Accounts allow gamers who are interested in a new stand-alone version of DotA to try out the game for themselves. Heavily inspired by Defense of the Ancients (DotA), Heroes of Newerth combines classic DotA with vast improvements in graphics, features and gameplay.

Heroes of Newerth - setting industry standards in the Dota genre.

Heroes of Newerth Game Engine Advantages:
Tired of leavers, disconnections and lag?
Heroes of Newerth offers solutions to the common problems that DotA had with the following features:

Game Reconnection

No need for a DotA Reconnection Tool (GProxy++).

Leaver Protection
Leavers were a huge problem for DotA on BattleNet and Garena.

Client-Server Netcode
No more lag for everyone when one DotA player has a connection issue.

Re-Bindable Hotkeys
No need to use third party programs like WarKeys.

Built in VOIP
No need for Ventrilo, Skype or TeamSpeak.

Cross Platform Support
Heroes of Newerth is the only game in the Dota genre that can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux.

*HoN uses the K2 engine - the same engine used by the RTS/FPS game - Savage 2.

Heroes of Newerth Features for Competitive HoN:
As an emerging e-sport, Heroes of Newerth has the following features vital for the competitive DotA scene:

Comprehensive Stat Tracking
Take advantantage of the statistics available for anyone to see.

Matchmaking (Solo Matchmaking and Team Matchmaking)
Improve yourself in the automated HoN ladder.

Ladder Rankings

See how you fare against the top HoN players in the world.

Analyze your game by watching HoN replays.

Spectator Mode
HoN casts made easy. HoN commentators can take full advantage of the spectator mode.

Heroes of Newerth Features for Casual Players:
Not only does HoN cater to a thriving competitive scene, Heroes of Newerth also serves casual players. These are the HoN features catered to the League of Legends market:

Custom Map Editor
Mapmakers will be able to create their own fun custom maps.

In-game shop
League of Legends players will be able to try out alternative skins, custom announcer packs and more with the use of HoN coins. All items sold at the shop are for cosmetic purposes only. There will be no item that would make a player gain advantage over another player in-game.

Interested? Find out if your computer would be able to run HoN.
View the System Requirements for Heroes of Newerth.

Not interested?
Watch the Heroes of Newerth 2.0 Trailer.

To play Heroes of Newerth for Free:
This creates a trial account which interested players can use to play 10 no stats HoN games.

To Purchase Heroes of Newerth:
This creates a Heroes of Newerth account and allows players to join the huge HoN community.

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