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Garena (previously known as GG-Client) is a gaming platform for various games.
But the most prominent supported game is Warcraft III which is the engine used by DotA.
Steps on how to play DotA on Garena.
1) Register a Garena account:
2) Download the game at the Garena website:
3) Follow the steps on How to play DotA on Garena.

Garena Features:

Supports a Wide Range of Games
You can play games from Warcraft 3 DotA to FPS games and even Heroes of Newerth.

Lag-Free Experience
Garena tries to emulate LAN conditions making games seem lagless most of the time.
Even though Garena is not perfect, BattleNet pales in comparison to this gaming client.

Connect with millions of gamers around the world
Garena enjoys concurrent numbers reaching hundreds of thousands of gamers.
Adding to the social interaction are game chatrooms and clans.

Multiple Language Support
Garena supports English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Kazakh. It continues to create translated versions for various languages.

Quick questions about the Garena Product:

Is Garena superior compared to Blizzard's BattleNet?
Yes. In terms of DotA, Garena makes Activision Blizzard's BattleNet bite the dust.

Garena claims to be hack-free, is this true?
Not anymore. Over the years, multiple 3rd party programs have been created to bypass Garena's anti-hack program.

Is there a better alternative to playing DotA on Garena?
Sadly no. Other platforms like DotaPod and Darer claim to be better but overall, Garena wins by a mile. If you want to play DotA, Garena is the best possible place to hone your skills outside of competitive LAN matches.

Can I use Garena on a Mac or Linux?
There are work-arounds like running Wine (for Linux), Parallels Desktop, VMWare and Crossover (for Mac) but these methods are unreliable. Some Mac users even resort to running Boot Camp. Garena currently does not support native installations for these operating systems but you can join the Garena on Linux and Mac Petition. If enough gamers support it, the Garena developers may be compelled to start working on it.

This article was published on October 2010. It will be continually updated as Garena implements changes to their software.

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  1. correction, bootcamp is the same as running windows in a "normal" pc. it's not like Wine, for example.

  2. beautiful insight there, Rui. I'm currently running Ubuntu Linux and Garena has a garbage rating for Wine. they better make one for the Garena Messenger, I want to play HoN on my baby Linux!


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