Friday, October 22, 2010

Blizzard DotA Announced at Blizzcon 2010

Blizzard Entertainment enters the Dota genre

S2 Games has Heroes of Newerth.
Riot Games has League of Legends.
Valve has DotA 2.

Want to find out the latest game company to join the Dota genre?
It's no other than the company that created Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

Dota blizzard
The Behemoth joins the Dota genre wars.

In an announcement made at the Blizzcon 2010 opening ceremonies, Activision Blizzard confirmed that the game's development team will be releasing 4 new custom games currently being developed in the StarCraft II Editor for free to all Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty players.

These StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty custom games include:
Aiur Chef
Left 2 Die (a tribute to Valve's Left 4 Dead)
Blizzard DOTA

Blizzard DOTA
- Credits to Jeff Cox from Utah for this epic picture.

You can now view the Blizzard DOTA Screenshots.

We want you to discuss:

What can you say about Blizzard Entertainment entering the Dota genre with it's official creation? Is the Dota genre getting saturated or is this the beginning of greater things to come?

Blizzard Starcraft 2 DOTA Screenshots
Blizzard Starcraft 2 DOTA Video


  1. Blizzard DOTA vs. Valve's DOTA 2 xD
    Wait and see...

  2. Okay this is just getting ridiculous. 4 clones of the same damn game.

  3. League of Legends' death.

    Riot fix your effin servers if you wanna survive the freakin' DOTA genre wars!!!

  4. Blizzard is playing catchup methinks.

  5. I wonder how Maliken will respond to this announcement.

    *breaks into a song:
    Angry Maliken, brace yourself.
    Heroes of Newerth will be overrun by a single nightelf.

    No time for raging.
    Just continue on working.

    2 Major game companies are trying to steal your sword away.

    1st a wannabee company named Riot tried to steal your thunder and Mr. Icefrog leapt to the Valve C and did not stay.

    Now cold hearted Activision Blizzard wants to make more money by making another Dota cheap a** copy.

    What do you have to say?

  6. Blizzard gonna get sued by Valve.

  7. Valve trademarked Dota 2 not DOTA.

  8. omg Dota is everywhere!!!

  9. So now it's

    Dota 2 > Blizzard Dota > Heroes of Newerth > Dota > Hello Kitty Online > League of Legends

  10. Valve will win. They always win...

  11. Why is League of Legends even mentioned?
    It's a shame to the Dota genre.

    People only play it coz it's free.

  12. cool, but seriously, valve will win this war, PERIOD.

  13. "Why is League of Legends even mentioned?
    It's a shame to the Dota genre."

    They said same about your mother.

  14. There's alway Heroes of Newerth and DotA 2.

    Blizzard DOTA is too little, too late.

  15. League of Legends is a lot different from Dota/HoN, stop comparing it. And it's fun and good game, as Dota is.
    But I think Dota 2 will be better than Blizz.Dota cause of Icefrog, Valve and their nice engine, Starcraft 2 engine is not so nice for this type of game.

  16. Valve announces DotA 2 and then Blizzard does the same because they dont want to lose all the ppl playing dota at WC3...
    GTFO Blizzard, u never wanted to upgrade Dota

  17. guess what icefrog > blizzard for dotafans at this time, if blizzard really wanted to make a dotagame they would take warcraft's engine and get icefrog working on it that would be perfect enough to surpass valve's dota2, but just making some dota-map on sc2 is not enough now

    also i love blizzard but i hate them for underrating dota all of these years, and this news are just ridiculous

  18. Sigh...

    its not blizzard making a DotA game...

    this is a mod being showcased at blizzcon.
    way to kick up a storm about nothing...

  19. it's an official mod
    Blizzard has ignored Dota by never hiring Icefrog.

    This is big news to the Dota community and to the Dota genre.

  20. Lmao @ anyone who says HON is better than LoL. And i LOL @ anyone who thinks blizzard is actually gonna be better than the valve version. And LOL @ blizzard thinking they could make a good game after they murdered wow so badly

  21. LoL came from Dota's creators so..... yeah.....
    Bliz, what the heck man?

  22. LoL did not come from DotA's creators.
    That's pure propaganda BS.

    Guinsoo maintained DotA All-Stars for awhile then went to Riot. Pendragon was just a website owner who went behind Icefrog and sold out the DotA community to come over the crappy free to play LoL.

    That's why Icefrog left coz everyone knows LoL sucks compared to DotA and the other games in the Dota genre.

    Blizzard has every right to make a Dota genre game, dude. Quit hatin!

  23. ""Why is League of Legends even mentioned?
    It's a shame to the Dota genre."

    They said same about your mother."

    Really? someones mother is a shame to the Dota genre? That was a genius comeback dude, I mean...
    U're just mad because LOL sucks.

    LOL = kids game lol.

  24. They actually made a game which is abbreviated LoL ?! Nuff said.

  25. Apparently, they did.

    and it's quality deserves the name

  26. The DotA community will never be united again.

    In a similar way that there are so many Linux distributions out there that are basically the same thing and the ppl just have no clue what to pick.

    It's like we were all playing in the same console and suddenly someone said, here's nintendo, sega, sony and microsoft.

    DotA RIP

  27. Blizzard is watching,

  28. lol chess is a good game.
    but people who play it have a much better chance of being a virgin than dota players do.
    believe me, i know dota players.

  29. Valve will prevail... coz they have Icefrog now.

    Blizzard sucks... coz they has ignored dota... and they will receive a bad karma

  30. Blizzard DOTA won't be able to beat better games like HoN and Dota 2.

  31. And what about the graphics' requeriments???
    Heroes of Newerth is a pain in the a**

  32. In the big picture none of our opinions matter.

    People will play DoTa
    People will play HoN
    People will play LoL
    People will play Dota2
    And, yes people will play Blizzard Dota.

    So stfu and play whichever one you like instead of posting retarded comments on how one game is shit because it was inspired from another!

  33. faila** blizzard is gona f it up

  34. wew..
    i cant wait to have 6.72 MAP!!!!
    i am VERY EXCITED to try some new TRICKS!

  35. Why u let down DotA community? Waaaaaaaa
    Why dont they just work 2gether and make'THE REAL DotA' more fun to play? TOO MUCH DotA DUBLICATES!

  36. I love 'Blizzard' so I will play Blizzard DOtA.
    PLease add all the characters of THE REAL DOTA.


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