Friday, October 21, 2011

Blizzard Dota on Starcraft 2 - Blizzcon 2011

Blizzard DOTA for Starcraft 2

Anaheim, California
- Blizzard Entertainment has officially revealed the trailer for their Starcraft 2 custom game inspired by IceFrog's Defense of the Ancients (DOTA). Like other games in the Dota genre, Blizzard DOTA is built as a team-based competitive game in which players controls a powerful unit with unique abilities to destroy the enemy team's base.

Blizzard DOTA

What is the Dota genre?
In Dota genre games, waves of computer-controlled creatures for each team spawn and advance across the map to destroy the opposing base. Human players use units called Heroes to fight alongside these AI-controlled creatures to push the battle, destroy the enemy team's towers and eventually obliterate the enemy base.

The official trailer for Blizzard Dota

More information about the Dota genre (Wikipedia).

Unlike serious competitive Dota-style games like Heroes of Newerth, Dota 2 and the Defense of the Ancients mod, Blizzard DOTA will be taking the casual game approach of Riot Games' League of Legends and has implemented elements of LoL's Dominion mode.

To compete with other free to play Dota games like HoN and LoL, Blizzard will release Blizzard DOTA as a free to play game that can be accessed by Starcraft 2 Starter Edition accounts.

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  1. Try harder, Blizzard. DotA 2 will crush you.

  2. GL competing with Dota 2 this looks gay as.

  3. i cant believe blizzard is doing this at the same time dota 2 is coming out ........ looks interesting tho ..... hope its free like a mod ..... maybe this will put some pressure on valve to realease dota 2 earlier XD

  4. Looks like sh.. to be honest

  5. wtf have they done to Dota??? Im alittle dissapointed, I will try it out but its good to know that I can always go back to the only true Dota game.

  6. Looks fun, what's with all the hate?

  7. I'm sorry but this unlike dota2 and the game aptly named LoL has graphics to show it has been developed in the last 10 years.
    With a diversity of heroes this might possibly be a superior experience to Heroes of Newerth as my eyes didn't start bleeding while watching.
    It's not like this strategy is news to Blizzard. Find, Improve, Refine (ad nauseum), Release.

  8. Starcraft2 Graphics is way superior than any game out there... and anyway, this game is just for fun! why all the hate?

  9. ... you guys are so stupid its not even funny. the game is free. and accessible by starter editions. its not for money or competition.

  10. Read the article before flaming. This game looks fun and casual, with all the guys you love from the Blizzard universe. It's not meant to compete with LoL, HoN or Dota2, it's meant as free casual fun, as the trailer suggests over and over. Will play it, allthough i wont leave LoL (or D2 when i get my key) for it.

    Share some love<3

  11. Dota 2 rocks i now hate blizzard for messing wid dota.

  12. Don't be stupid it's for the stressed SC2 Players just for leisure. Blizzard doesn't want to compete with DOTA 2 anyways


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