Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Elimination Tournament (Warcraft 3 custom map)

Elimination Tournament

Even though Icefrog enjoys modding one of the most popular Warcraft 3 maps in the world, DotA is not the only Warcraft 3 map worth playing.

If you are looking for a fun tactical Capture the Flag (CTF) shooter then Elimination Tournament is the right WC3 custom map for you. In ET, you can use the various weapons available in the map to eliminate the enemy team and steal their flag.

Elimination Tournament is Unreal Tournament on the Warcraft 3 engine.
Elimination Tournament
Classic Version: 1.4c (
Max Players: 12 players (Full House 6v6 for fun shoot 'em ups)
Warcraft 3 Elimination Tournament download links:
*The version below is the classic ET (Elimination Tournament).
Elimination Tournament Download via EpicWar

*Got a reliable mirror? Share it with us on the Neutral Creeps Facebook page.

Behind the Project:
GaDDeN & iNfraNe
Special Thanks to: Anitarf, Skeksis, Punisher_x
Awards and Recognition: Hosted Project

There is an updated version released by GaDDeN called Elimination 1.24b (September 2009) but the classic version is the most widely accepted map for competitive ET.

Fun facts:
This map was uploaded on Epicwar back in May 21, 2007 but is still played competitively today on Azeroth (BattleNet) and Garena. Talk about a classic.

Editor's Opinion:
Really really fun. This is definitley worth a try.
If mere words do not persuade you, maybe this Elimination Tournament video will.

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