Monday, October 18, 2010

Nirvana.MY wins the ESTC Winter 2010 DotA Tournament

The E-Sports Thailand Championship 2010

Remember the ESTC Winter 2009 DotA Tournament?

During that DotA tournament, Etny.XtC became the DotA champions and took 2nd place. But this year, a DotA team from Malaysia has taken the championship trophy.

Quick Information about the Thai DotA Tournament:
DotA Tournament Location: Siam Paragon Bangkok, Thailand
DotA Map Used: DotA 6.68c

DotA tournament results with prize money earned:
Champions: Nirvana.MY (Malaysia)
160,000 Baht (approximately 4970 USD)
Bonus: Trophy and medals

2nd Place: EHOME (China)
50,000 Baht (approximately 1553 USD)
Bonus: Medals

3rd Place: Deity (China)
25,000 Baht (approximately 776 USD)
Bonus: Medals

4th Place: (Thailand)
25,000 Baht (approximately 776 USD)
Bonus: Medals

DotA E-Sports Thailand 2010 Finals Background:
Before this DotA tournament in Thailand, the Chinese DotA team (EHOME) have been very dominating. EHOME won gold medals in ESWC, IEM and the National eSports Open and they were quite heavy favorites to win the tournament.

But as all DotA pros know... in DotA, anything can happen.
It is never over until the Frozen Throne melts to the ground or when big tree uproots itself.

Congratulations Nirvana.MY!
Will we be seeing this same rivalry in DotA 2 tournaments?
Only time will tell if DotA 2 will be as big as the 1st DotA (Warcraft 3).
So Icefrog and Valve, you guys should make it happen.

Did you know that YamateH was considered as one of the best DotA gankers in 2008?

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