Sunday, March 29, 2009

DotA Top 3 Known Gankers of 2008

Here at Neutral Creeps, we have compiled the best of the best in the professional scene and objectively ranked professional players to list the Top 3 DotA Gankers of 2008

Number 3

Russian DotA has always been topnotch in European DotA, with Rush3d.PGG's amazing map awareness, he has created scenarios to show the world that this team can never ever be taken lightly.

Number 2

One of the most exciting players in the professional DotA scene.
With that legendary Tinker of his, he has shown that Malaysian DotA can dominate the world of DotA.

Number 1

Those Chuck Norris like jokes don't come from nothing.
The god of greediness or should we say... ganking.
This Russian legend has given us DotA's first superstar.
His plays are something to look forward to on Youtube videos.

So, there you have it folks.
Those three guys are our picks for the best Dota players who gank a lot.

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