Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Icefrog has no April Fools Release for 2009

This is a little break from tradtion.
This year, Icefrog did not do any of the usual pranks we all expected.
Here's a little comment from the man himself:

I traditionally do custom maps each year for this day but I've decided to skip it this time. I know some of you look forward to it. There is a lot of demand to get 6.60 ready asap, so I felt that it would be more appropriate to focus all my effort on that instead. I'll make it up to you guys next year :)

A lot of players always ask me why I don't publish release dates ahead of time. I don't do it to build suspense or to keep players waiting, the main reason I don't is because it is hard to actually be sure of a date and if it is missed players become upset.

I will make sure to post here more often in the near future to keep you guys in the loop on the development and maybe give a sneak preview or two. While I can't give an exact date like I said above, I will try to let you guys know when it is a couple of days away from release and is in final translation mode.

My main focus is the quality of the changed or added content and to make sure that the gameplay overall is taking a step forward and not backwards. Sometimes things need to be redone multiple times to achieve those goals which is why it is hard to predict. That being said, 6.60 has the a very large number of changes and improvements to the game. I think it will be worth the wait.

Update: Some people emailed confused what my post meant. April 1st is a day where some people post fake things on the net for fun. The last few years I did fake maps for this that people liked playing. I didn't do a fake map this year.

The big question is: Will DotA still be around next April Fools Day?

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