Friday, July 3, 2015

Dota 2 Custom Maps

Dota 2 Custom Maps

Custom maps is one of the reasons why Warcraft 3 became one of the most played games of all time.
With the introduction of a hugely improved interface for custom maps in the Dota 2 Reborn update, Dota 2 aims to replicate Warcraft 3's massive appeal to the casual crowd while avoiding the mistakes of Starcraft 2's failure.

Dota 2 Custom Maps Introduction by Valve:

Some of our favorite custom maps from Warcraft III:
1. Fufu Ninja
(Fufu United Ninja All-Stars)
- This Warcraft 3 custom map featured 4 different types of assassins in a free for all mayhem.

2. Elimination Tournament
- This Capture The Flag rewarded skill shots and quick thinking.

3. Tree Tag
- Warcraft 3 was full of maphacks but Dota 2 can bring back that suspense of hiding from The Infernals.

4. Dodge Ball 1.0
- This classic by MaD[Lion] is definitely a party favorite.

5. Uther Party
- Mini-games galore - perfect for LAN parties

Which Dota 2 custom map do you enjoy playing?

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