Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gem of Taegeuk for Korean Dota 2 Beta Testers

Dota 2 Gem of Taegeuk For Dota 2 Korea Beta Testers

With the official release of Dota 2 in South Korea, Koreans will be given a free Dota 2 item called the Gem of Taegeuk.

Everyone who tested Nexon's Dota 2 version will receive the item.

Gem of Taegeuk is a Relic of Prestige.

For those who raised the first flags, joining their fellows on the fields of battle, the whispers of gratitude echo upon the wind.

What is the Taegeuk?
It is the symbol found in the middle of the Korean flag.


Note: Gem of Taeguek is not the correct spelling.

Dota 2's official release in South Korea can hasten it's growth.

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