Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dota 2 in Korea getting huge

Dota 2's rapid growth in South Korea  

Incheon, South Korea - The launch of the Dota 2 beta in Korea has generated a lot of hype among the Korean gaming community. With Nexon's pledge of 2 billion won in tournament prize money for Korean Dota 2 tournaments, Dota 2 has gained massive attention in the mecca of professional gaming.

League of Legends losing popularity in Korea
Due to the problems with the Korean servers for League of Legends, thousands of Koreans have expressed discontentment with the status quo. Multiple complaints have been lodged by Korean internet cafe owners against Riot Games Korea  for charging them during server outages which continue to go unresolved. The server issues coupled with LoL Korea's inaction against paid ELO boosting services have made thousands of KR LoL players ready to make a switch to Nexon's Dota 2.

League of Legends player taking notes @president_ranko

Dota 2 Nexon Starter League
Dota 2's first Korean tournament drew in thousands of gamers from all over Seoul and the interest has been getting huge. The studio where the finals between Eye of Tiger and FXOpen was held couldn't accommodate everyone due to the huge turnout so the GOMTV offices had to be opened in order for them to be able watch on television.

Thousands of Koreans flocking to Dota 2

The sentiments that Dota 2 KR will overtake both League of Legends and Starcraft in Korea once it is officially released have been growing and professional teams have taken note. Various Korean professional Starcraft and League of Legends players have started practicing for the next big thing in South Korea - Dota 2.

Korean professional gamer switching to Dota 2 @Team_EOT

Are you Korean? You can join the Korean Dota 2 beta via:



  2. Hey I'm a 7 year DotA experienced South Korean player I can help

  3. Now, if only Dota2 can get into North Korea.

    1. Love of DOTA 2 could unite north and south and bring harmony to the world.

      That is such the power of this wonderful game

    2. People in North Korea would not be able to gain access to Dota 2 since internet access is "only permitted with special authorisation and primarily used for government purposes" according to trusty old Wikipedia (aka the website that tells the truth 100% of the time, amiright). Normal people wouldn't be able to be able to play online, yet alone afford computers (yet alone afford food).

  4. Korea will take top 3 at TI4

  5. Korea fighting
    from ph

  6. Hey what happened here? Why is LoL keep getting bigger? fk this article

    1. Maybe in the casual scene, but Dota 2 will get bigger than LoL in the competitive one.


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