Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to skip Dota 2 Tutorial

Skipping Dota 2 Tutorial
This guide will help you bypass the Dota 2 Tutorial

Valve forces new players to take the Dota 2 tutorial in order for them to get understand Dota 2.
Although this helps beginners, this could be an annoyance for DotA veterans.

In order to skip the tutorial for Dota 2, you can do this.

1) Open the Dota 2 console

2) Type in: dota_full_ui 1

3. Click on the icon on the lower right.

4. Start playing Dota 2

You can do this every time you have to log on.

If you want to stop doing this step, you can try finishing the Dota 2 tutorial.


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