Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dota 2 LAN mode

DOTA2 LAN technology arrives!

With the September 23, 2013 update, Valve has added LAN mode to Dota 2.

 LAN enables players to play DOTA2 without a reliable internet connection

LAN Support for Dota 2 enables players to host Dota 2 lobbies at home and at internet cafes. Dota 2 LAN support is seen to help Dota2's growing popularity in Southeast Asia and in locations without reliable internet connections.

"Dota 2 will have LAN mode. We know how important this feature is for the community."
-- Erik Johnson, Valve Business Development Authority

The addition of LAN enables third party event organizers to hold Dota 2 events locally without encountering the same problems that could arise when hosting Starcraft 2 or League of Legends events.

Go forth and organize Dota 2 lan parties!

Spread the word, LAN evangelists!

Download DOTA2 (FREE):


When was LAN added to Dota 2?
LAN Dota 2 was added with the FIRST BLOOD update. (September 23, 2013)


  1. So we not only will can play on a Physical LAN, but on HAMACHI and trough TUNNGLE to right?

    1. Why doy ou need Hamachi or Tungle when the Multiplayer is free online?

    2. Of course, all those does is create a virtual LAN to play on, so it's no different.

    3. Well let me tell u i try to play trough HAMACHI on TEST client where LAN option is already activated and can't see the lobby of my friend.

  2. One leap ahead from LOL and HON!
    I'm glad that Valve bring us the same "Dota" in Dota2 which is also about LAN gaming.

    1. One leap ahead from LOL and HON!
      I give it 4-6 months until lol and hon copy>paste this feature from Dota as usually. But Hallelujah! Old school's back! :D

  3. how to use this features? i mean what kind of internet? home wifi? wireless? single hotspot? ?? ad hoc is not legit btw.. i tried it.. home wifi doesnt make any sense.. its LAN. what kind of LAN that needed internet. better find a match

  4. how about without internet connection? will this work?

  5. they should allow you to play LAN offline with friend that gather at somebodies house and then play together and if less than 10 they should allow you to add bots (like in dota1)


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