Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Xel'Naga Prophecy Screenshots

Xel'Naga Prophecy Screenshots - Starcraft 2 Custom Map

Xel'Naga Prophecy (also known as XPDota) is a Starcraft 2 custom map created by a map maker from Ukraine. In this map, the author recreated the Warcraft 3 DotA terrain with the use of the Starcraft 2 engine. XPDota is currently under heavy development.

Note: This is different from Storm of the Imperial Sanctum and Blizzard DOTA.

Click on the images to zoom in.

Stacraft 2 Dota (Xel'Naga Prophecy Fountain shot)

Time to take the rune from the river - Starcraft 2 Dota style!

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Did you know?
The Dota genre originated from "Aeon of Strife", a Starcraft UMS (Custom Map).

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