Friday, November 5, 2010

Vigoss enters the World DotA Championship 2010

The legendary Ivan “Vigoss” Shinkarev will be joining the World DotA Championships 2010 at the Huazhong Science and Technology University Gymnasium in China.

The World DotA Championship

Vigoss will be joined by the other team members of Russian DotA team, The Retry:
Sergey “Smile” Revin
Evgeniy “Beast” Blonskiy
Andrey “Vein” Suchkov
Vladimir “Pgg” Anosov
Will Russian DotA prevail at WDC 2010 or will the Chinese DotA teams ultimately benefit from the homecourt advantage?

Related Trivia:
Teammates, Pgg and Vigoss were both included in the Top 3 DotA gankers of 2008.

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