Thursday, September 30, 2010

Official DotA Forums

The DotA All-Stars forum is where all DotA players converge to have conversations about DotA.

Before Icefrog left, it was the biggest Official DotA community.
Although now, Pendragon has apparently turned it into a spam advertisement for LoL.

The Official DotA forums right now is PlayDotA.
It is currently the biggest DotA community on the net.

According to statistics, the PlayDotA community has eclipsed the old DotA forum in most records in just a matter of months.

These records inlude:
-Most number of concurrent online users
-Most number of registrations

Why is better?
-The site loads faster
-There are no League of Legends ads all over.
-There is a bigger community.

If you want to know the reasons behind the demise of the old DotA-AllStars website, read "League of Legends caused Icefrog to leave."

*Months ago, Pendragon promised to archive the old DotA All-Stars website but until now, he has not been a man of his word. The letter advocating a game which is a downgrade of DotA is still in the front page.

Visit the one and only Official DotA Forum and register:

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