Friday, May 15, 2009

The DotA AllStars Controversy Theory

Yesterday (May 15, 2009)
I was browsing through the now unofficial DotA All-Stars forum, the General Discussions forum was filled with angry rants. Some people were taking sides. Many people were blaming Pendragon for the mess while some other League of Legends members were trying their best to defend their game. It was a trolling frenzy but out of all the chaos, there was still no answer to the reason why Icefrog left Pendragon's DotA AllStars website. Both parties were keeping it quiet.

One thread by a DotA enthusiast tried to answer all these questions with a little perspective.
As of this writing, that thread has been deleted from the DotA AllStars because it does not help the parties involved. But I personally think it was the most logical theory to the reason why Icefrog split from Dota.

Thankfully, the thread starter reposted it at his blog so you can read it.

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