Friday, May 15, 2009

Pendragon releases statement regarding Icefrog

Pendragon just released a new statement to help douse the flames that the DotA website controversy started.
Here is the official statement from Pendragon.

DotA Community,

Some people may seem to be confused about the events that have taken place over the last 24 hours or so. Lots of misinformation is being spread around, and I just wanted to make an official statement.

First, I’d like to discuss my decision to mention League of Legends on the DotA forums, and to the DotA community. I have a strong passion for DotA, and the DotA community having worked with you all for 5 years now (even before IceFrog days!), and feel like there’s always been things that I’d like to do for either the community or the game that have been out of reach for whatever reason. My decision to join Riot and League of Legends is based on the desire to augment the entire game industry with an unprecedented level of community support and involvement, far more than the existing DotA, and far more than any existing game.

Some perceive this decision as one that could create a conflict of interest; I do not believe that to be the case. I feel like I can do good things for DotA, and good things for LoL, and the support and resources that I now have available to me due to my affiliation with Riot Games will help me make the biggest and best DotA Allstars Fansite ever.

While I’m not going to speculate regarding Icefrog’s decision to leave, I want to assure everyone that there’s no bad blood between me and Icefrog and we’ll likely work together on at least one project in the future. I have great respect for him, as I’m confident he does for me. The little details that lead to the decision aren’t nearly as important as where we go from here.

This to me is the end of one era and the dawn of another. Since competition drives innovation, Icefrog’s decision means that I’ll have to strive to improve the website to be successful without his endorsement. It puts pressure on me to deliver a new that surpasses expectations and keeps this site strong for years to come.

It’s an opportunity for me to retain my credibility by being the guy who does great things for DotA, and for the DotA community, instead of just being the “owner of the official website”. This is a win-win situation for DotA players, as it means both websites will need to constantly improve to compete for your attention. You guys mean everything to me and I hope to serve you loyally for years to come.

That was the official word from Pendragon_.
But it still does not answer the question why Icefrog left DotA AllStars.

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