Monday, September 27, 2010

Heroes of Newerth - Dota Based Game Trailer

Since many readers here at Neutral Creeps have started playing the DotA based game, Heroes of Newerth. It is only fitting to show other DotA players good reasons on why to make the jump from DotA to HoN.

Here are 5 features that HoN has that would make any DotA player happy.
1. Game Reconnection
2. Leaver Protection
3. Built In VOIP
4. Stats (You can filter out noobs and potential leavers)
5. Better graphics

Without further ado, here is the HoN trailer in HD.

It is recommended to watch in HIGH DEFINITION.
View the HD Version of the Heroes of Newerth Game Trailer.


  1. Why play this when you can play a far better DotA-style game like League of Legends. HoN looks crappy compared to LoL.

  2. Why play League of Losers when there's a superior game called Heroes of Newerth?

    LoL players only play LoL because it's FREE.
    LoL = crappy game. Even Dota is better than LoL. lol!


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