Friday, October 10, 2008

DotA KOTH: Mouz to snatch MYM's DotA throne

One of DotA's top tournaments is KING OF THE HILL.

The SteelSeries King of the Hill round one ended with MeetYourMakers taking down Finland Delirium Gaming to be the first King. The second episode quickly begins with the community voting the next challenger out of 30 randomed teams featuring teams like Europe Mousesports and United State- H2O. After the voting session, mousesports turned out to be on top having received 448 votes with a total percentage of 34.9% to play the current King of the Hill.

Both teams last met at F4F finals where MYM secured an 2:0 victory. they will also meet in ENADC II and perhaps F4F II finals, with so many games between them coming up, each of them will try to prove themselves as the better team.

Will mouz rise as the new king or will MYM successfully defend their throne? Bet your points and stay tuned to for more updates

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