Friday, October 10, 2008

DotA Farm4Fame: MYM in the final again

MYM is in the final for the DotA Farm4Fame again.

After winning the inaugural F4F tournament, Internationa- MYM.DotA squad managed to make its way into the 2nd F4F final as well. Beating teams like Malaysia Kingsurf, France srs, Malaysia DNA-SK and Sweden Gvision has nearly gone unnoticed, but the final match is almost there again. MYM's possible opponent is either Germany Wicked Esports or Sweden Mousesports, the previous F4F tournament's runner-up. Who will face MYM in the final will be known by the end of tomorrow.

MYM has enjoyed success of late, taking their first 6.52e trophy by winning first F4F, and now they have also reached the finals of ENADC tournament. While MYM players certainly aren't enjoying themselves with the current playstyle, according to their teamleader Maelk, the team sure knows what it takes to win and they will make sure to keep the throne of F4F winner

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