Saturday, October 11, 2008

DotA Interview with mouz|Drayich

Here is an interview with mousesports player mouz|Drayich

Interview proper:

NiK - Hello mouz|Drayich, your team is going to face MYM in the Razer ENADC II WB Final. It's not a long time you played vs MYM, in a final of another important tournament, how is your team approaching that match?

mouz|Drayich- We approach all games in the same way,getting decent picks and playing the game that we wish to play. MYM has numerous times beaten us with a more late game oriented strategy then ours,something that is interesting when we play versus them. But we don't change anything, we play our game

NiK - Can you tell us some anticipations on how are you going to prepare the match?

mouz|Drayich- We try to use our strongest players, that can differ. Sometimes people have bad and good days.

NiK - What's the strongest team you met in ENADC so far? and how did you managed to won against it?

mouz|Drayich- SK. We beat them in that BO1 tiebreak of group stage. They thought they already won the game but nana.

NiK - After some problems, team MYM is recently doing really good with 6.52e, your team instead was quite confident with the6.52e map since its release. What is in your opinion the reason for this different attitude to the 6.52e map?

mouz|Drayich- Every team gotta find their play style for every version, i dont think mym did so bad, just that maybe they had bad confidence from some losses in the beginning.

NiK - Insome recent discussions you raised the question about the need to change the way of doing bans/picks in competitive games. Icefrog just released the 6.55 map, with the new -cm mode, have you already tried it? What's your opinion?

mouz|Drayich- Icefrog and my wife seems to be the only one who really gets me now. Seriously that's perfect, hope leagues take use of it.

NiK- 6.55 brings a lot of change logs, heroes balances and also a reworking of the dagger.Common feeling is that a new 6.55-based stable will not take so long to be released for competitive games. Can you give us some first impressions about 6.55 ?

mouz|Drayich - This is the best version so far for competitive dota.

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