Friday, October 24, 2008

DotA Interview with EHome.820

This is an interview with Ehome.820, a player of the Chinese DotA team.

Hi, 820, thanks for accepting our interview, lets say hello to everyone and make a brief introduction of yourself please.
- Hello everyone I am 820 from EHOME, thanks for the interview.

So you are in EHOME for more than a month now, are you familiar with EHOME?
- I think so, but I am not adapted to Bejing's weather yet.

What is your reason to join EHOME?
- To be the World Champion.

Why insist in bringing 357 along from CaNt to EHOME?
- I knew him long time ago and I know that he has great potential.

DotA is a team game, how you fit yourself in the new team?
- Besides training, I communicate more with my teammates and try to understand what they want.

EHOME lost to Ks in recent PD#11 game, is it because of the lag and delay?
- No, the connection is fine. We lost because we lack teamwork, and we were doing our own stuff and not playing as a team in that game.

Why forfeiting games so often. especially in F4F?
- The main problem is the internet, even in 4am midnight there is a 0.5+ seconds delay.

How did your team train for MGC LAN?
- We are trying to improve our teamplay.

Did you guys prepared any new strategy to use againts strong oponent?
- Nope, just play like normal.

What do you think about strong teams like Fnatic, and CaNt?
- All of them are strong teams and shouldn't be underestimated.

So Sk, MYM and DTS will not be attending MGC08, do you feel unfortunate?
- Ya of course, I want to play againts foreign teams.

Which team you want to meet the most in MGC? What will you feel if you meet
our former team, CaNt?
- and Fnatic I think, It's boring to play againts same local teams. I will just do my best.

Do you think EHOME can win MGC08? If you get the prize money what will you do with it?
- Of course we can win, I will save the money.

Do you agree that MGC is actually a gathering for DotA players?
- I agree, basically every strong team in China is here.

What do you think about MGC?
- A good event, i hope there will be more events like this in China

When are you going to Wuhan?
- 23th, 09:00pm.

What do you plan to do on train?
- Sleep, and maybe communicate with my teammates.

EHOME members love to play cards, will you join your mates?
- Nope, I am not a fan of card games, I'd rather read some novels.

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