Monday, October 27, 2008

DotA Team Pandemic disbands

It has been confirmed!
Team Pandemic confirmed the rumor about their disbandment. It was today confirmed by Marc-Oliver 'desRow' Proulx. The state of the team was uncertain when we last spoke with the tPD captain, Mohammed 'mO`' Nasar, he did on the other hand ensure us that it would only take a few days to give a final verdict - that day was today.
tPD has only had their new DotA team for 4 months, when the American team Jukes On You got signed.
tPD was currently attending this Pride #11 and were supposed to play against H2O in the loser bracket, after getting knocked out of the winner bracket by neXt. H2O will get a default win due to the disbandment of tPD and will be one step closer to fight for the grand final spot!
We also got a statement from the tPD's manager Marc-Oliver 'desRow' Proulx, who said this to us:

"After 1-2 weeks of internal problems, the team couldn't continue and didint have the same synergy as before, therefore we disband.
Thanks to everyone for the great support and I wish good luck to all my ex-players!"

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