Friday, October 24, 2008

KS.Int DotA Interview in China

Interview with KS.Int in China.

Hi, welcome to MGC, is this your first time in China?

Jolie: Yeah it's my first time.
HoroN: Me too.
Gunz: I came here two and a half years ago, this is my second time.

What is your first impression of China?

Jolie: Not bad, it's so different from Russia, and our dinner last night was so spicy!
Gunz: I want to eat PIZZA! ( The interview was done at Pizza Hut, China Optical Valley)

Let's talk about upcoming matches, what is your main aim in MGC?

Jolie: Of course the champion, we came here for the champion title.

Which team will be your toughest opponent? Fnatic or EHOME?

HoroN: I think it should be EHOME.

How much you know about the Chinese players? Anyone you know?

Jolie: Dolphin from CT and GK from EHOME.
Gunz: 357, I've seen his replays.
HoroN: I don't know about Chinese players.

Any special strategy for MGC?

Jolie: Of course, but we won't tell you!

What do you think about your new teammate, 2009? Can he replace Azen?

Jolie: He's a good player, I've seen his replays. I think he himself proved his own value.

MGC DotA will be in 6.53, any training on this map?

Jolie/Gunz: I think it is almost same as 6.52e, the only difference is just the Clockwerk Goblin.

This is the first time an International team compete in China, are you guys on pressure? How do you cope with it?

Jolie: Nope we are fine.

There are many China VP fans that want to know the true reason of VP's disband, can you tell us abit more?

Jolie: It is the changes of version and got bored with so many tournaments, I have not seen Vigoss for 2 months!

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