Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.19

-Last Word effect now only happens after a spell is finished casting, not starting to cast. Now channeling abilities will be able to work without getting silenced first
-Changed Sange and S&Y similar to how Yasha was changed
-Fixed delay in bristleback ability execution that caused a display glitch
-Increased pugna starting str from 14->17
-Removed splash from netherward but increased hp/manadrain per level
-Reduced casting delay on nether blast by 50%
-Increased cost of necronomicon, it has slightly more str
-Fixed bug with being able to buy heroes if -ar is typed quickly at start
-Fixed a minor omnislash bug
-Tiny is no longer allowed to toss a unit to a chicken (abuses with this happen)
-Changed Dagon to a number display of 1/2/3/4/5 from 0/1/2/3/4
-Fixed a bug that causes the Grow learn icon to move
-Fixed a rare chainfrost bug that created a global casting nova unit
-Fixed Chakra Magic, Kraken Shell and Dragon Blood learn hotkeys
-Fixed a Chakra Bug
-Clarified Gravechill and Enrage tooltips
-Reduced lich starting int from 20->18
-Goo 30 mana cost all levels, from 10/15/20/25
-Stasis, Remote, Observer and Sentry wards have no collision size, no more creep blocking
-Buffed spiritbreaker's str/lvl from 2.0->2.5 and base str by 1
-Increased model size of spiritbreaker slightly
-Buffed level 1 untouchable
-Scythe nerfed to 3.25 seconds
-Spin Web typo on movement speed increase
-Fixed Unstable Power icon moving
-Various minor tooltip fixes
-Fixed various lycan typos fixed
-Fixed old bug that caused morphling to continue stat changing while he was dead
-Removed the small movespeed buff on overpower
-Fixed Grave Bind on the revenants to work on non-hero units as well
-Updated TDA Rules


There is a fully intended ~1 sec delay to recipe creation put in. It is to monitor it and see if it has any relationship with item based fatal errors.
Expect 6.20 to have the other modes restored and fixed along with a bunch of other new content.
Pending any major bugs, this will be the stable version to sit for a while until the next major version. So don't worry about downloading more and more versions in the near future.

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