Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.18

-Completely fixed the multiple hero exploit without having to constantly detect and remove extra heroes.
-Fixed the unlimited persuaded units bug.
-Fixed bug with spiderlings giving way more xp than normal
-Fixed Illuminate damage bug.
-Fixed many tooltip issues.
-Better Holy Persuation hotkey assignment.
-Temporarily disabled old tavern for now (i will look into invoker for a near future version, no worries).
-Improved many recipe tooltips.
-Fixed some bugs with Morphling's color change and Adapt.
-Fixed a bug that allowed extra neutral creeps to spawn by using certain exploit.
-Changed Yasha recipe a bit.
-Fixed a bug with split earth and various spells cast near it.
-Roshan now returns to his spawn point instantly if he attacks a structure, to prevent certain abuses out there.
-Various typos fixed.
-Reduced str per lvl on Lich from 1.75 to 1.55
-Removed the 50% spell resistance on Chen's Persuaded creeps.

These frequent releases are geared towards fixing all issues before the end of the month, for some upcoming events.
There is a fully intended 1 sec delay to recipe creation put in this version. Its to monitor it and see if it has any relationship with fatal errors.

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