Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.19b

Fixed a bug with Mana Leak that caused it to not work if you move quickly after cast.
Fixed the buggy Penitence damage amplification.
Fixed some minor Omnislash timing issues.
Fixed old 1.18 bugs: Fiend's Grip and Dismember animations.
Fixed some Sprout issues.
Fixed a potential problem with Time Walk.
Added -disablehelp/-enablehelp for use in case Chen abuses Test of Faith.
Fixed an old permanent night exploit.
Fixed some rare bugs with Blackhole and Freezing Field.
Lycan's wolves collision size reduced to fix bugs in certain locations of the map.
Fixed a bug with Lycan's wolves being unable to attack air.
Removed delay on recipe creation.
Added a fix to help reduce the odds of picking and randoming the same hero at once while maintaining the no multiple hero fix.
Removed the damage over time bug that happens with Breath of Fire and Drunken Haze.
Increased the cooldown on the neutral creeps' Warstomp.
Necronomicon recipe price increased by 50.
Made casting range on Nerubian Assassin's Impale similar to that of Lion's Impale
Pugna's Life Drain buffed from 7 to 9 seconds.
Slight mana cost increase to Rearm.
Slightly decreased the price on Heart of Tarrasque recipe.
Reduced charges of Cyclone on Eul's Scepter from 7 to 6 and cooldown to match its duration.
Restored bounce on Maelstrom from 2 back to 3.
Eaglehorn's price reduced by 50.
Sapphire Water and Clarity Potion prices increased by 5 respectively.
Tweaked Sange and Yasha (damage and orb effect stats) and fixed faulty animation.
Various tree location tweaks to make Sentinel and Scourge more even.
Removed corpse creation from Scourge's Graveyard.
Changed hotkey on Satyr's manaburn to R like all the other mana burns.
Fixed Enfeeble's learn hotkey.
Morph tooltip typos.
Fixed Penitence and Persuasion tooltips.
Fixed Death Prophet's Silence tooltip bugs.
Fixed Force of Nature treants' damage.
Increased Bounty Hunter's model slightly.
Clarified various ability tooltips.
Fixed various typos in Adapt.
Fixed typo on Aghanim's Scepter.
TDA Rules updated

This is being released because of two main reasons. To meet some requests by blizzard and to do a final patch before the longer release cycle. Along with 6.19b there is an optional 6.19b no audio version, which is required for blizzcon and some other events that i cannot disclose at this time.
After a week or so of usage on this version, if no major issues come up, this will be the version for use in league and tournament play, as well as some other undisclosed events in the near future.
Thanks to everyone who has helped bring the map to where it is now, but most of all, thanks to the community for their support, we wouldn't be here without you.

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