Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.03

-Mega creeps restored (killing all rax)
-Techie ultimate
-Fixed Fury Swipes
-Ursa Warrior now properly melee hero
-Epicenter tweaked
-Removed God of Wind
-Removed Shadow Priest
-Changed DK to 5.84b with minor change.
-Sniper attack animation (skadi issue) fixed
-Dark Flame's damage reduced from 6/12/21 every .2 seconds (.4 on heroes) to 4/10/17
-Necromastry now requires levels 3/6/9/12 to research
-Axe changed to str.
-Phantom Lancer image cap now 6 (down from 8)
-Restored the new scattershot with a nerf on max dmg per pellet
-Shadow fiend changed from 550 to 475 attack range.
-Tiny cost of wood to revive removed.
-Increased Divine Intervention cooldowns
-Smoke Screen slow down from 10/20/30/40% to 15/20/25/30% (tooltips incorrectly said 5/10/15/20% slow)
-March of the Machines no longer channeling
-Increased missile speed on March of the Machines from 300 to 400
-Track restored to Bounty Hunter
-Buffed enigma str and str/lvl slightly
-Restored 5.84b Diabloic Edict.
-Watcher now has a limit of 1/2/3/4 Watchers, all with infinite duration. Cooldown increased to 90 seconds.
-Medusa mana shield leveling fixed
-New zeus lightning bolt icon.
-Restored the old run animation of Magnus/Rooftrellen/Lucy
-fixed poison arrows range
-Impetus now has 6/5/4/0 second cooldown
-Remote mines have range 425/435/450
-Battle Hunger cast range from 650 to 900
-Bleed reduced from 10/20/30/40% slow to 10/15/20/25%
-Fixed Earthshaker hotkeys
-Boots of Travel recipe now costs 1500, down from 2900 (Fixed +speed typo)
-Eaglehorn price change to 3450
-Reduced Maim slow from 50% to 30%
-Helm of the Dominator now gives 15% lifesteal
-Removed cost of recipe from Helm
-Helm of Dominator (Dominate) cooldown increased to 120.
-Satanic now has Death Pact again and grants 23% lifesteal
-Mask of Madness Berserk now only makes you take 25% extra damage (down from 35%)
-Crysalis recipe now costs 600, down from 1300
-Burize now gives +67 damage (down from +96)
-Tinker cannot use Hand of Midas
-Tinker cannot use manta
-changed hyperstone to 55%
-Replaced Observer Wards with Courier
-Manta Style now takes Diffusal Blade and Vituality Booster to make. It gives +10 Agi, +6 Int, +250 HP, Feedback that burns 36 mana, and the ability to generate 2 mirror images that deal 40% damage and take 300% (20 second duration, 70 second cooldown, 165 mana).
-Headdress now takes RoR, GG branch, and recipe. Gives AoE +2 HP heal aura, +2 to all stats, and the ability to heal the area
-Nerzheim Buckler now takes Chainmail, GG branch, and recipe. Gives +5 armor, +2 to all stats, and the ability to give +3 armor to the area
-Mekansm now takes Headdress, Buckler, and recipe. Gives +5 armor, +5 to all stats, +2 HP/second aura, and the ability to heal and give armor to the area
-Reloacted consumable shops
-Healing consumables now share cooldowns
-Mana consumables now share cooldowns
-Made consumables have hotkeys
-Sent consumable shop now also vulnerable after tower gone.
-Made Scourge center lane towers further apart
-Added "channeling" notice to Freezing Field, Dismember, Gaze, Bleed, Shackles, Fiend's Grip, Soul Steal, Life Drain, and Black Hole
-First Blood only if hero is the killer
-Properly hid Attack_to_Left, Attack_to_Right, etc
-Increased range on fountain attack, decreased rate of fire to .15
-Misc Typos

Manta Style: I'm trying to make this item useful on a wider variety of heroes. The same goes for Diffusal. So I tried to get two birds with one stone. I'm hoping that Manta's images will entice more heroes to get Diffusal along the way, meanwhile some of the heroes already using Diffusal may consider getting Manta. Just bear with us as it's a new item so its balance will be under heavy review.

Boots of Travel: with S&Y I haven't seen anybody get these things. Teleporting is good, but not 2900 gold good, especially with the TP consumable. And with no other benefits it's suffering. It might have been wiser to nerf S&Y's move speed, but we'll see for next version.

Filler Heroes: we decided to remove them. We're not sure if this is permanent or temporary.

Burize: Why did I do what I did? Very simple. MKB could not compete at all, but I felt that as an item MKB was pretty well balanced. So I knocked Burize down a little to try and make it fit the slow/hard attack (vs. the fast/light attackers for MKB). Then I tried to reduce its cost somewhat because I wanted it to still compete fairly with Stygian.

Impetus: I'm trying to take the edge off of it early in the game, and I was hoping that adding a moderate cooldown might make it harder to repeatedly cast. But I wanted it more readily usable at Level 7, so I left it with no cooldown. This might be too much still, but I'm trying to take it in gradual steps.

Due to time constraints, we didn't get around to fixing some bugs like mana leak, roshan toss, gamber+roshan and the animation glitches with bane/pudge. Rest assured they will be fixed.

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