Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.02

Creep upgrade system reverted to 5.84b
-Fixed 1.18 cooldown bugs on Jugg, Venge, Weaver, and I think one other (?)
-Fixed invulnerable creep bug
-Fixed Necromastry getting +60 at Level 1
-Gave Bleed a cooldown
-Increased mana cost and cooldown on Smoke Screen
-Impetus now costs 45/50/55/60 mana
-Midnight Pulse no longer hits allies
-Black Hole no longer hits allies
-Battle Hunger now has 25 second cooldown, deals 15/20/20/25 damage a second for 10/15/20/25 seconds. Costs 20 more mana at all levels.
-Counter Helix now deals 175 damage
-Culling Blade now deals 200/300/400 damage and kills below 290/400/550 life. Increased mana cost
-Shrunk Bounty Hunter
-Added 15 to base damage of Crystal Maiden
-Bleed now costs 110/120/130/140 mana and has a 16 second cooldown.
-Cranium Basher now gives +3 Strength
-Shukuchi now deals a flat 90 damage, but cooldown is now 13/11/9/7
-Nerubian Weaver Str/level reduced to 1.9 from 2.5
-Mana Void icon fixed
-Increased mana cost on Death Pulse by 25 at all levels
-Phantom Edge now gives 5/10/15% dodge properly (reduced from 10/20/30%)
-Juxtapose tooltip fixed to 3/6/9/12%
-Fixed Sange/S&Y bonus damage bug
-Increased maim% from 5% to 10% on Sange and to 15% on S&Y
-Removed mana cost on Diffusal's Purge, restored to 10 charges
-Fixed Nature's Attendant's/Smoke Screen bug
-Increased range on Geminate Attack to 900 (fixed minor issue where sometimes it wouldn't go off if used at longer ranges)
-Fixed Chen's icons
-Fixed Sapphire Flask to only say 1 charge properly
-Fixed Bounty Hunter's icons
-Increased BH's base damage by a bit
-Dopplewalk now has constant 30 second cooldown at all levels
-All PL images now deal 25% damage
-Perdition increased in mana cost and fixed to not hit buildings
-Nightstalker can now attack air
-Fireblast now deals 275 damage at level 4 with 2 seconds off cooldown at all levels
-Anonymous Dead slightly improved to affect more targets and share a little more damage
-Fixed problem where AM was attacking at 20% rather than 80% speed with shield
-Misc typos fixed

Things that didn't get done:

-Mekansm: we're sorry, we didn't get to this quite yet. We don't
quite know what to do at the moment. Possibly removal, because using nulls in the recipe is always going to make it a really smooth item
-Fury Swipes: fiddled with some things, but haven't quite yet figured out what Blizz did.
-Techie Ultimate: we had it done, but something really weird glitched at the last second. We'll figure it out for the next version.
-Satanic: we'll be getting to this as well. Might host a poll on what to do.
-Omniknight: I recognize this guy as a weapon of mass destruction. Just didn't do anything about it this time around.
-Keeper of the Light, Razzel, and God of Wind are also in need some some addressing. But again didn't quite get to them as I personally hate all three.

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