Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Alliance - The International 2013 Champions!

Congratulations to the TI3 Dota 2 Champions! 

Seattle, Washington -Alliance (Sweden) has taken the biggest gaming tournament in history by defeating Natus Vincere (Ukraine). The best of 5 Dota 2 Grand Finals attracted over 1 million concurrent viewers (not counting the broadcast numbers for several TV stations around the world).

Congratulations to EG Europe - Alliance!

The International 2013 Prize Distribution:
Dota 2 Champions: Alliance of Sweden - $1,437,204
2nd Place: Na'Vi of Ukraine - $632,370
3rd Place: Orange of Malaysia - $287,441
4th Place: TongFu of China - $201,208
5th / 6th Place: Invictus Gaming of China - $114,976
5th / 6th Place: DK of China - $114,976
7th / 8th Place: Team Liquid of the United States of America - $43,116
7th / 8th Place: Fnatic of the European Union - $43,116

TI3 / The International Cash Prize:
$2,874,407 - Largest gaming prize pool history (as of 2013)

The Alliance - Swedish Dota 2 team line-up:
Gustav Magnusson - s4
Henrik Ahnberg - AdmiralBulldog  
Jonathan Berg - Loda  
Joakim Akterhall - Akke  
Jerry Lundqvist - EGM

Congratulations to the 2013 eSport champions - ALLIANCE!

Watch the 2013 Grand Finals here (YouTube playlist)

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