Friday, July 26, 2013

The International 2013 Unusual Couriers

TI3 Dota 2 Couriers

There are 3 types of Dota 2 unusuals to celebrate The International 2013.

Unusual Trapjaw the Boxhound

Within the dungeons of the Severed Keep there sits a treasure hoard long abandoned. Many are the raiders who have set their sights on its wonders, yet only one has ever returned, telling grisly tales of a family of enchanted chests brimming with gold, devouring his friends.

Unusual Osky the Ottragon

"Osky! Osky! What a good boy!" He capers and sports, but underneath the playful exterior is an abiding sadness. He misses his siblings.

Unusual Fezzle-Feez the Magic Carpet Smeevil

Fezzle-Feez, like most smeevils, has no floor on which to spread his magic carpet, therefore he unrolls it in mid-air.

To unbox these unusual couriers, use an International Treasure Key 2013 on a Treasure of Champions 2013 chest.

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