Friday, July 26, 2013

Dota 2 Smeevil Mounts

How to get Smeevil mounts for Dota 2

The International 2013 Smeevil Courier mounts

A genuine Smeevil is a courier given to all players who unpack a Dota 2 Compendium.

There are 3 smeevil mounts: crab, mammoth and bird.

How to get a Dota 2 Smeevil with the Crab mount:
Complete 8 sets of Dota 2 player cards (including 2 challenge teams) to get the Smeevil Crab mount.

* Get Edge Crab Lure (Mythical)
How to get a Dota 2 Smeevil with the Mammoth mount:
Complete the creation of an International Fantasy Challenge to get the Smeevil Mammoth mount.

* Get Mammoth Bait (Mythical)

How to get a Dota 2 Smeevil with the Bird mount:
Complete the Main Event Predictions to get the Smeevil Bird mount.

* Get Cleft Hawk's Call (Mythical)

Which Dota 2 mount do you prefer for your TI3 Smeevil?


  1. To get the Bird do I have to have the predictions in the beginning to?
    Cus I only have the new predictions as I bought it after the first predictions were over.

    1. No need. The main event hasn't started yet. It only counts the main event predictions.

    2. Which one is the main event prediction?

  2. i've done all of them but still i didnt get the mounts....

    1. Update Dota 2 and just wait.

      It will be added on your backpack.

  3. I've received the mammoth bait item after completing the fantasy challenge, but I haven't' received the Cleft Hawk's call even if I've finished the main event predictions. Anyone know what I missed?

    1. I think, you need the yellow smeevel first to get it.

    2. i already have the yellow smeevil and i finished the main event predictions as well but i still didnt get the bird mount

  4. for those who want the hawk, just change 1 prediction and you will get it

  5. change 1 prediction? i dont get it :/

  6. Can i have those three type courier? after i finish all the requirement? or,i just can have one type of it?


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