Monday, July 1, 2013

Dota 2 Archronicus

The Archronicus Dota 2

The Archronicus contains the lores and legends of the rich world of Dota 2.

"Upon these hallowed pages are writ the last remnants of a once great body of knowledge. Copied and recopied by generations of scribes, translated by scholars and encrypted by mages, the chronicles found herein compile the lost histories of the contested lands, its rulers and guardians, higher learning and ancient magics. The texts draw from many cultures across many ages, enshrining for all time those fragmented recounts of scholars long dead, and hidden truths more powerful than any sword or spell. Sealed now with an encryption spell, only worthy eyes may read the book and by deed alone reveal the truth. And only with the blood of heroes shall new pages be written."

-- Dota 2 Archronicus, The Chronicles of Dota

How to get the Archronicus:
To obtain the full version of the Archronicus, a player must complete the Dota 2 tutorials.

To start doing the tutorials, just go to Play then select the Training tab.

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