Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Team Stay Gream wins HoN DreamHack Summer 2013

StayGreen wins Heroes of Newerth DreamHack Summer 2013 

Jönköping, Sweden - Stay Green has cemented their status as the number one HoN team in the world for the year 2013. The Miami based HoN team beat Complexity Gaming to take away 18530 US Dollars and the DHS13 HoN title.

Photo credits to: Hampus “hampe” Andersson

Hero Line-Ups Used by Stay Green:
Game 1: - WIN
- Rally (S2 hero)
- Wild Soul (Lone Druid)
- Wretched Hag (Queen of Pain)
- Torturer (Leshrac)
- Tempest (Enigma)

Game 2: - LOSE
- Magmus (Sand King)
- Wild Soul (Lone Druid)
- Glacius (Crystal Maiden)
- Ophelia (Chen)
- Bubbles (Puck)

Game 3: - WIN
- Witch Slayer (Lion)
- Warbeast (Lycanthrope)
- Pebbles (Tiny)
- Pyromancer (Lina)
- Tempest (Enigma)

Congratulations Stay Green!

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