Friday, December 14, 2012

Polycount Dota 2 Contest Winners

Here are the winners for the Polycount contest for Dota 2.

Grand Winner: Rider of the Storm

Authors: Danidem & Hunter
Hero: Disruptor

Dota 2 Polycount Winners - (In no particular order)
1. Deadly Nightshade

Author: Ze Blu Spy
Hero: Templar Assassin

2. Riftshadow Roamer

Author: Squid
Hero: Meepo

3. Stormcrow's Spirit

Author: Farfarer
Hero: Witch Doctor

4. Snowdrop

Author: Anuxi
Hero: Crystal Maiden

5. Exile

Author: Enodmi
Hero: Naga Siren

6. Red Talon

Author: Tickwomp[RamRod]
Hero: Beastmaster

7. Eleven Curses

Author: Bisho Bola
Hero: Doombringer

8. Ancestral Trappings

Author:  Willypup
Hero: Dazzle 

9. Mysterious Vagabond

Author: Kremrhi
Hero: Shadow Shaman

10. Gear of the Tally-Ho Hunter

Author: Honey Badger
Hero: Sniper

Congratulations to all Polycount Dota 2 finalists!
These sets will be available in the Dota 2 Store via the Polycount bundle.

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