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Dota 2 Meepo Guide

Meepo Dota 2 Guide
This is a Dota 2 hero guide for Meepo.

Dota 2 name: Meepo
DotA name: Meepo - Geomancer
HoN Counterpart: None
Affiliation: The Dire
Primary Attribute: Agility

"Fancy geomancy!"

Listen to Dota 2 Meepo's Voice

Dota 2 Lore - Meepo:
If you ask me, life is all about who you know and what you can find. When you live up in the Riftshadow Ruins, just finding food can be tough. So you need to cut corners, you need to scrounge, you need to know your strengths. Some of the beasts up there can kill you, so you need a way to trap the weak and duck the strong. On the upside, the ruins have history, and history is worth a lot to some people. There used to be a palace there, where they had all these dark rituals. Bad stuff. If you survived the ceremony, they would shatter a crystal and split your soul into pieces. They made great art though! Sculptures and such. Let me tell you: sometimes you stumble onto some of those old carvings. Take a pack full of those to town and sell them, then get yourself food for a few weeks. If luck is really on your side, you might find a Riftshadow crystal. Get it appraised and start asking around. Someone always knows some crazy fool looking for this kind of thing. If all else fails, sell it to a Magus the next time one's in town. They love that stuff. Still, whatever you do, be careful handling those crystals. You do not want one to go off on you. It really hurts.

Dota 2 Meepo Guide

Meepo Skill 1: Earthbind (Q)
Meepo tosses a net at the target point, pinning down all enemy units. Earthbind prevents invisibility, blink, and interrupts channeling.

Meepo Skill 2: Poof (W)
Drawing mystical energies from the earth, a Meepo can teleport to another Meepo or itself after channeling for 1.5 seconds, dealing damage in both the departure and arrival locations.

Meepo Skill 3: Geostrike (E)
Meepo enchants his weapon to deal damage per second, as well as slow the movement speed of the attacked unit. Geostrikes from multiple Meepos stack.

Meepo Skill 4: Divided We Stand (R)
Meepo summons an imperfect, semi-autonomous duplicate of himself, which can gain gold and experience as he does and shares his experience and abilities. However, the clones cannot wield any items but the boots that Meepo himself wears. The cloned Meepos also gain 25% of any bonus attributes the primary Meepo has. If any of the clones die, they all die.

Dota 2 Meepo Strategy Guide

Meepo Skill Build

1 - Earthbind
2 - Poof
3 - Poof
4 - Earthbin
5 - Poof
6 - Divided We Stand
7 - Poof
8 - Earthbind 
9 - Earthbind
10 - Geostrike
11 - Divided We Stan
12 - Geostrik
13 - Geostrike
14 - Geostrike
15 - Stats
16 - Divided We Stand
17 to 25 - Stats

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