Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dota 2 Unusual Couriers

Dota 2 Unusuals

While Team Fortress 2 (TF2) has unusual hats, Dota 2 has unusual couriers.

An Unusual Courier - Dota 2

Unusual Dota 2 couriers can be obtained by opening Dota 2 treasure chests using Dota 2 treasure keys (2.49 USD in the Dota 2 store) but the chances of getting one is quite low.

List of possible Unusual Couriers in Dota 2:
1) Enduring War Dog
2) Fearless Badger
3) Mighty Boar
4) Morok's Mechanical Mediary
5) Stumpy - Nature's Attendant
6) Trusty Mountain Yak
7) Skip The Delivery Frog
8) Speed Demon
9) Tickled Tegu
10) Baby Roshan
11) Prismatic Drake
12) Na'Vi's Weaselcrow
13) Cluckles the Brave

List of Possible Dota 2 Unusual Effects:
1) Affliction of Vermin
2) Burning Animus
3) Ethereal Flame
4) Felicity's Blessing
5) Luminous Gaze
6) Piercing Beams
7) Resonant Energy
8) Searing Essence
9) Sunfire
10) Diretide
11) Frostivus
12) Trail of the Lotus Blossom

The value of the Dota 2 unusuals can go up to hundreds of dollars for the highly desired ones.

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