Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dota 2 Store

Dota Store released

Bellevue, Washington - Dota 2 is the most played free to play game in the Dota genre and contains an in-game store which allows the millions of Dota players to customize their favorite DotA heroes.

The Spoils of War - Dota 2 Store

Unlike other games in the Dota genre that have the pay-to-win factor, all the things that can be purchased at the Dota 2's shop are purely cosmetic. There is no need to buy any heroes or champions as they will be available to all players free of charge.

"We believe restricting player access to heroes could be destructive to game design, so it’s something we plan to avoid."
-- Valve Corporation on the Dota genre

Frequently asked questions on the Dota 2 Store:

Will I be able to customize my character without buying anything?
Yes. Players who don't want to buy things from the Dota 2 Store will be able to earn them by playing the game and increasing their Battle Level and by trading with other Dota 2 players.

Will I have to pay to get access to heroes?
Unlike Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends, all the heroes of Dota 2 will be FREE for everyone as Dota 2 aims to continue setting the standards in gaming, the Dota genre and in competitive eSports.

What are Dota 2 Battle Levels and Dota Battle Points?
Every time you finish a matchmaking game in Dota 2, you will be rewarded with Battle Points. Once you accumulate enough Battle Points, your Dota Battle Level will increase. Every time your Dota 2 Battle Level increases. you'll receive a new Dota 2 item.

How does the Dota 2 store affect Dota's competitive scene?
As one of the most played competitive video games of all time, Dota 2 will not sacrifice the game's competitive integrity in order to cheat gamers out of their hard earned cash. All the items in the Dota store are cosmetic and will not affect gameplay in any way. The Dota economy will also help to contribute to professional players.

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