Friday, June 1, 2012

International Dota 2 Qualifiers 2012

The International 2 Qualifiers

14 Dota 2 teams have been guaranteed slots to The International 2.

The last 2 slots will be divided among East and West in a wild card qualifier.

West Qualifier Invites
1. Quantic Gaming (United States)
2. mTw (European Selection)
3. mouz (European Selection)
4. (Kazakhstan)
5. Keita Gaming (Sweden)
6. Team Infused (Sweden)
7. Virtus Pro (Russia)
8. zNation (Russia)

East Qualifier Invites
1. TongFu (China)
2. World Elite (China)
3. MSI-EvoGT (Philippines)
4. Mineski (Philippines)
5. Duskbin (Philippines)
6. Aeon (Singapore)
7. Ice (Malaysia)
8. MiTH.Trust (Thailand)

The International qualifiers will start on June 6, 2012.

All games will be live streamed here at

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