Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fnatic HoN wins HoN DreamHack Summer 2012

Fnatic wins Heroes of Newerth DreamHack Summer 2012

Jönköping, Sweden - Fnatic went 2-0 against TT eSports to take the DreamHack Summer 2012 HoN Tournament championship. The tournament win gave the team their fourth consecutive DreamHack title.

Fnatic - HoN Champions at DreamHack Summer 2012

Congratulations Fnatic!

HoN DreamHack Winter 2011 Results:
Champions: Fnatic (European Union) - 28765 USD
2nd place: TT eSports (Australia) - 16000 USD
3rd place: Blackfade (European Union)
4th place: Trademark eSports (United States) - 4000 USD

DreamHack Summer HoN Tournament 2012

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