Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DreamHack DreamHoN 2012

Heroes of Newerth at DreamHack Summer 2012

Jönköping, Sweden - DreamHack Summer 2012 will have a Heroes of Newerth tournament sponsored by S2 Games. The biggest Heroes of Newerth tournament to date will start on the 16th of June 2012 with the BYOC Qualifier.

Dream HoN - Heroes of Newerth Tournament

HoN Teams Competing:

1. FnaticRaidCall (European Union)
2. Trademark eSports (United States)
3. Frenetic Array (Australia)
4. Blackfade (European Union)
5. Orange eSports (Malaysia)
6. MuFC TT eSPORTS (Malaysia)
7. GA (Russia)
8. DreamHack BYOC Winning Team

Tournament Details:
Prize: 60000 USD
Number of Teams: 8 (1 slot for the BYOC Qualifier Winner)

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